8 Best Lithium Batteries for Trolling Motor 2022 (Complete Guide)

It’s easy! 

I mean, how tough is it to enjoy the fishing and nature of beauty? All you have to do is use the standard trolling motorboat as well as the battery to run through. No, guys, it isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Even though it sounds easy, you need to collect solid lithium batteries. The battery power allows you to freely navigate your trolling motorboat without any hassle. So, best-quality trolling motor batteries will make it a tad bit easier to enjoy the fishing activities. 

best lithium battery for trolling motor

But, since the universe has already made choosing a good battery hard enough, we’ve decided to work on the research. So, after some time and analyzing through different batteries, we’re ready with this guide. With all the help we’ve added important information on the 8 best lithium batteries and buying guides & FAQs too. 

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If you are an expert, you have to know the importance of a perfect trolling motor battery. In this case, observe the battery life, battery type, capacity, voltage, and more. Luckily, most of the manufacturers use advanced technology to make them. Plus, batteries require very poor maintenance. See the below lithium batteries for your trolling motorboat 

1. OGRPHY Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Ogrphy deep cycle lithium iron phosphate battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 12.8 volts
Nominal Capacity 300Ah 
Charge Voltage 14.4±0.2V 
Max Load Power 2560W 
Energy 3840Wh
Cycle Life 2000 to 5000 times 
Charging Temperature 0℃-55℃
Weight 68.8lbs 

The first lithium battery! Oh guys, aren’t we excited to announce our first product? After all, it did win against all of the other lithium batteries for trolling motors in all sectors. So, be it strength, energy, or power – it’s leading everywhere. On that note, we present to you the OGRPHY Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The unique feature of this battery is that it provides resistance against toxic chemical material. Perfect for use in the van, trailer, and boat. The manufacturer doesn’t compromise on the use of high-quality lithium-ion phosphate. Thanks for its 2000 to 5000 deep cycles. On top of all this, abrasion resistance and ten years of service life are added. So, this 12 volts battery has an amazing lifespan and power. 

Due to this added lifespan, you won’t have to worry about buying another lithium battery anytime soon. Other highlighted features are built-in BMS protection, fast charging, wide working temperature, easy installation, and more. 

Ultimately, the higher power, the better! In that case, this Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is quite impressive. But, on the negative side, it is quite bulky. Some customers don’t love the weighty product. 

2. ECO-WORTHY 12V 150AH Lithium Battery

Eco-worthy 12v 150ah lithium battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 12.8 volts
Nominal Capacity 150Ah 
Max Charge Voltage 14.6V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10V
Energy 1920Wh
Cycle Life 3000 times 
Charging Temperature 0℃-55℃
Weight 36.7 Pounds 

You thought the previous product had incredible power? Well, this battery comes with impressive power as well. So, the ECO-WORTHY 12V 150AH Lithium Battery is our 2nd on the line. Let’s see what you’ll get here and miss out on from the top one- 

Good news for users who want to get a lighter battery for trolling motors. This comes with only 36.7 pounds. Don’t get us wrong, it still is perfect for powering outdoor campsites and for easy indoor installation due to its smaller and lighter characteristics. But, it can provide 150Ah capacity. 

The most impressive thing is that this rechargeable lithium battery is capable of surviving more than 3000 times. Overall, this includes BMS (Battery Management System) high-efficiency protection to prevent danger. 

3. ExpertPower 12V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

Expertpower deep cycle rechargeable battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 12.8 volts
Nominal / Rated Capacity 100Ah 
Max Charge Current 50A 
Charging Voltage 14.4±0.2v
Dimensions (L x W × H)13 x 6.8 x 8.4 inch
Cycle Life 2500-7000 times 
Operating Charging Temperature 32°F to 140°F
Weight 22.6lbs

Bringing in two in one lighter product on our list. Well, we’ll prove that weight isn’t everything with the battery. The 2 pack ExpertPower 12V 100 Ah Lithium LiFeP04 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery is our 3rd option. Let’s know more about it- 

First off, it has lower nominal capacity & weight on our list although you find the lowest battery next step. With just 22.6lbs, things don’t look so bad with this lithium battery. Also, it has a 13-inch length and 8.4-inch height. 

Believe it or not, it is the No.1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery on Amazon. This is another unique factor of this. You won’t find this feature in all the other trolling motor batteries in this list. So, from 2500 to 7000 life cycles, efficient power, impeccably lightweight, satisfactory warranty, and BMS protection makes it the best position. 

4. Banshee Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Marine Boat Starting Battery

Banshee deep cycle lithium-ion marine boat starting battery


Nominal Voltage 12.0 volts
Rated Capacity 50Ah 
Cold Cranking Amps800
Amp Hours50
Dimensions (L x W × H)10.24 x 6.89 x 7.87
Warranty3 Years
Weight 13.8lbs

Imagine it is the lowest weight battery in the line by observing the above specifications. No, it is not our lowest weight product but the Banshee Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Marine Boat Starting Battery is super lightweight at just 13.8lbs. Interestingly, this weight is relatively similar to the most common BGI Group 34 batteries. 

Even though the colorful design is exceptional. It is quite tough to find out every ins and outs from the number of benefits. We are gonna try to describe the main point-

The most impressive thing is its emergency starting system. Worry about the battery not being able to start the boat! Turn on the emergency start button and press. Need to wait only 60 seconds. Then, your boat can be started. This feature is completely exceptional compared to other brands. 

Thanks for the dual terminal marine posts, extended life cycles, carrying handle, green energy, enough power, and other excellent features. Finally, there is nothing like it for boating, sailing, fishing, RV, or anything outdoors. 

5. Ampere Time 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Ampere time lithium battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 25.6 volts
Rated Capacity 100Ah 
Voltage Range20~29.2V 
Charging Temperature 0° to 50°C 
Dimensions (L x W × H)20.5 × 9.37 × 8.54 inch 
Max Continuous Charging or Discharge Current100A
Life Cycles4000~8000 cycles
Weight 47.4lb / 21.5kg

We’re back with the heavier on our list. After the two light batteries, we decided to give this Ampere Time 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery a chance on our list. Yes, it does come with 47.4lbs weight and offer a lot of benefits like our other top products. 

The major difference however is the voltage. Here, the lithium battery comes in 25.6 volts so higher than all our previous models. On the other hand, the similarity is the BMS protection. So, there is no problem with the overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit. 

The unique thing is its higher energy density, greater power, and more reliable performance. Not only trolling motor, but it is also used in solar homes, RRVs campers, golf carts motor homes, and off-grid applications. You can’t avoid the 4000 to 8000 cycles although few customers claim it is not good for use in the long run 

6. Enduro Power 12V 100Ah LifePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Enduro power 12v 100ah lifepo4 lithium deep cycle battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 12.0 volts
Rated Capacity 100Ah 
Cell CompositionLithium-Phosphate 
Operating Temperature -20° to 55°C 
Dimensions (L x W × H)10.25 x 6.7 x 8.25 inch
Max Charge or Discharge Current100A
Life Cycles3500+ cycles
Weight 22.6 pounds 

Here is another product for going to camper, van, solar, boat, trolling motor, and energy storage applications. Even if you love to travel by RV journey, you can choose it instead of the RV lithium battery

Yes, we recommend the Enduro Power 12V 100Ah LifePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery that does provide you with worry-free adventure. 

The highlighted features are longer life, low self-discharge fast charging, enhanced running times, and more. Unlike the bulky battery, this weighs only 22.6 pounds. So, easy to install and carry anywhere. 

Advanced BMS protection is also included. So, it is the best 12V 100Ah lithium battery

7. Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Battle born batteries lifepo4 deep cycle battery for trolling motor


Nominal Voltage 12.0 volts
Typical Capacity 100Ah 
Cell CompositionLithium-Phosphate 
Operating Temperature 0° to 55°C 
Dimensions (L x W × H)12.75 x 6.88 x 9 inches
Max Charge or Discharge Current100A
Life Cycles3000 to 5000 cycles
Weight 29.0 pounds 

This seems also the best collection on our list. Because it is lightweight, powerful, and environmentally friendly the company made this product using 100 percent safe and no toxic materials. It is even safer than lead-acid batteries. Battle Born Batteries are rechargeable deep cycles (3000 to 5000) batteries. 

Like the above batteries, it can protect against the most common problems including temperature volatility or ground faults. So, you can focus on your target point. This 12 volts battery has a 10Ah capacity that is enough for your trolling motor and other off-grid applications. 

8. Enduro Power 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Enduro power 12v 50ah lifepo4 lithium deep cycle battery


Nominal Voltage 12.0 volts
Typical Capacity 50Ah 
Cell CompositionLithium-Phosphate 
Operating Temperature -20° to 55°C 
Dimensions (L x W × H)9.1 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches
Max Charge or Discharge Current50A
Life Cycles3500+ cycles
Weight 13.6 pounds 

We’ve loved the Enduro Power battery! So, presenting another 12 volts battery on this list. The Enduro Power 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle battery will be a bit more common than the other ones discussed in this list. But, there are some differences- 

Starting the first difference is in the physical size of this product. It comes with a 20% narrower case size where the previous product has 25 percent smaller case size. Yes, this however is the lowest weight battery from all selected products.

For this reason, it is only 13.6 pounds, out of the box! Other than that, it includes 50 Ah typical capacity, which is a great thing to have. So, it’s ideal for your adventure including RV, van, solar, marine, and more.  Other features are relatively similar to the previous Enduro Power battery. 

Need to Consider While Buying a Trolling Motor Battery

The best aspect is to find the right trolling motor battery within a short time. But, without knowing the details, you can’t get a perfect product. Technical specifications of the battery and motor are important. Now, we are gonna try to describe the most impressive things. It helps you to get the best one.


There are different capacities of lithium batteries. Small 40 Ah, medium 70 Ah, and higher capacity is up to 100 Ah. Before selecting the capacity, you should check the trolling motor’s amperage hours and specifications. Then, decide to buy, anyone. For small angeline boats, you can choose the Enduro Power 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle battery. 

Battery Type

Different types of batteries are suitable for your multiple trolling motorboats Check the battery technology before matching it.


Lithium batteries are quite more expensive than lead-acid batteries. But, you find available batteries in low, medium, and high ranges.


Generally, trolling motor batteries require a 12V battery though some models come with a 24V range. Depending on your trolling motor, you can choose an option. 

Size and Weight

Another important thing is to check the battery size. Is it a match or not? Remember, size and weight are related to each other. If your boat is small like kayaks or canoes, you need to select the 12 volts battery.

FAQs of the Best Lithium Batteries

How Long Will a 100Ah Lithium Battery Last on a Trolling Motor?

Here is a simple calculation. 100 amp hour rating / 4 amps = 25 hours. That means a 100 Ah lithium battery can last 25 hours on a trolling motor. When the motor pulls 40 amps, the battery can last 2.5 hours. 

How Do I Choose a Lithium Battery for a Trolling Motor?

Depending on the running times of a trolling motor, you have to select the battery. If you want to continue running your trolling motor for just half of the day, you use a 12v 50Ah lithium battery. In this case, Enduro Power is the best brand.

Are Lithium Batteries Good for Trolling Motors?

Yes, lithium batteries are perfect for trolling motors. Because it can maintain higher voltages for longer times. 

Compared to the lead-acid battery, lithium deep cycles are more powerful and reliable. 

What Kind of Battery Should I Use for a Trolling Motor?

We have already mentioned some awesome brands of trolling motor batteries. You can use 12-volt deep cycle marine batteries to protect unexpected conditions.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations! You’ve finished this mammoth of an article. By now, you have completed different lithium batteries for trolling motors. Out of them, you’ll have to find the best battery from above.  

As we’ve reviewed all of the products and nitpicked them, we believe it’s an easier task. However, do check out the pre-buying information and Frequently Asked Questions we’ve provided too. Those considerations will navigate your way clearer than ever. 

What’s the stay now? Turn ahead and comment down below what trolling motor batteries you’ve bought from our list. We’d love to check them out. 

Best of luck!

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