How Long Does an Unused Car Battery Last

how long does an unused car battery last

What if I told you that In any vehicle, a lack of frequent use can cause issues. However, how long can a car be left idle before the battery dies? Most automotive batteries in excellent condition will last at least two weeks before needing to be recharged by starting the car and driving. Even if …

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How Long Does a Wrist Watch Battery Last

how long does a wrist watch battery last

The question above is a hard one, and one that we hear a lot at TimesTicking. It’s also not unusual for a watch’s original battery to outlast its replacements. So, to assist clarify the air, we’re going to break down this issue. Quartz and battery-operated watches each have their own distinct identity and narrative to …

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Will My Car Unlock if the Battery Is Dead?

will my car unlock if the battery is dead

“Will my car unlock if the battery is dead? What Should I do in this situation?” This is a typical query among car owners. When you have a dead car battery and the key fob is not working anymore, it is possible that you may get stuck. It depends on many significant factors whether your …

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What Are the Different Types of Lithium Battery?

what are the different types of lithium battery

What are the different types of lithium battery? Did you ever wonder how many types of batteries are out there, specifically Lithium batteries? Lithium-ion batteries can be categorized into six main types. They have multipurpose uses. And according to their uses, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and are made of different …

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H6 vs H7 Battery

h6 vs h7 battery

Is it okay to use any size for a replacement battery? Of course, not. Without using the right side of the battery, you can’t enjoy the battery performance. Fortunately, manufacturers offer batteries including an easy size structure. This is because users can easily realize which size fits them.   Now, the question is, are H6 and …

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Anatomy of a Car Battery: How It Works

anatomy of a car battery

Powering a ride on your car can be complex if you don’t understand the basic components of a battery. Without knowing the electrical system, you can get stuck driving.  A battery can provide the zap of electricity that is essential to work all electrical components. It also works to transfer chemical energy into the power …

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Battery Working Principle: How Does a Battery Work?

battery working principle

Life without batteries would be like living by steam or clockwork in a century or two. Tiny batteries power cell phones and laptops to fit in our pockets or carry on our backs, and we need them to live our contemporary lifestyles. First, we need to understand electrolytes and electron affinity to grasp the battery …

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18650 Battery vs AA Battery – What Is the Difference

18650 battery vs aa battery

It is unnecessary to say what’s the importance of a battery to operate your equipment. Of the numerous brands and types, 18650 and AA batteries are well-known due to their outstanding features and powerful specifications. Swing to appoint from 18650 battery or AA battery?  Both are cylindrical types of batteries.They have different physical sizes and …

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Why Is My Car Battery Sparking & How to Stop It?

why is my car battery sparking

Are you thinking, why is my car battery sparking? The battery is the only way of supplying electricity to the car starter and the other electronics of the car. It may freak you when you see a spark on your car battery. Usually, when the black wire comes in contact with the negative post of …

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Why Cell Phone Battery Has 3 Terminals?

why cell phone battery has 3 terminals

Why cell phone battery has 3 terminals? Or does your one have 4? The cell phone battery has a temperature sensor pin to prevent overheating. It also includes a BSI pin in the middle. But what is the purpose of those extra pins? Find out below! You may have already noticed the extra terminals in …

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