Does a New Car Battery Need to Be Charged

does a new car battery need to be charged

Having trouble, does a new car battery need to be charged or not?  Well, you have reached the exact place. This is one of the most common questions about new car batteries because many people start the engine after installing it. The answer is very simple. A new car battery doesn’t need to be charged …

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Does a New Battery Improve Gas Mileage

does a new battery improve gas mileage

Are you wondering if a new battery improves gas mileage? Whether you desire to use a new battery or want to replace the dying battery. A new one always provides you with an amazing experience while riding the vehicle.  Yes, a new battery improves fuel economy as well as gas mileage. Plus, riders feel comfortable …

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Do I Need to Disconnect Battery to Change Spark Plugs

do i need to disconnect battery to change spark plugs

If you have a car or want to buy a new car you must try to know all about the necessary factors for a car. The battery is one of the important parts of a car. And the spark plug is also another essential part of any vehicle.  Sometimes a new user is worried about …

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Can You Start a Car Without a Battery

can you start a car without a battery

Those who enjoy driving, such as myself, may occasionally face a frustrating situation when their vehicle does not start. Most of the time, there are a multitude of reasons why your automobile won’t start, one of them being a dead or weak battery. Drivers are constantly questioning, can you run a car without a battery? …

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Can I Use a 52v Battery on a 48v Motor

can i use a 52v battery on a 48v motor

The advantages of using a 52V battery are increasing speed and torque, and nowadays, it’s become popular among riders. But newbies are confused and ask the simple question-“can I use a 52v battery on a 48v motor?“. Yes, it’s doable. The majority of the time, a 52V battery works quite well with a 48V controller; …

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Can I Use a 12v Charger for 6v Battery

can i use a 12v charger for 6v battery

A smaller 6-volt battery system is used in several recreational vehicles, motorbikes, mobility devices, and other similar equipment. But sometimes, users have a 12V charger instead of 6V and wonder if I can use a 12v charger for a 6v battery. According to logic, a 12V charger will charge a 6V battery twice as quickly …

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How Many Watts Does a TV Use: All You Need to Know

how many watts does a tv use

Knowing the TV wattage is important to fix the electric bill and understand the power or energy efficiency. In the modern era, TV is used for multiple purposes, not only watching.  So, the question is how many watts does a TV use.  It depends on the TV size, resolution, and other important technology. A standard …

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Does Battery Voltage Drop When It Discharges

does battery voltage drop when it discharges

Learn about, does battery voltage drop when it discharges? Discharging is a general fact of battery voltage dropping that means a decrease in electrical potential along the current flowing path. Yes, the voltage drops gradually while it discharges.  Perhaps, you have any questions about this topic. Don’t be pressured.   We stay here to fill your …

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Can Low Battery Cause Abs Light to Come on

can low battery cause abs light to come on (1)

The original answer to this question is that a low or weak battery can cause ABS light and traction control light to come on.  Even though it can affect your vehicle’s overall performance. It is not good for your vehicle if the ABS light turns on. This signal shows your car has some common problems …

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Can a Starter Solenoid Drain a Battery

can a starter solenoid drain a battery

For the starter to function correctly, power must be transferred from the battery to the solenoid. It’s a really straightforward procedure. But if it’s faulty, then the operation might not be that simple. Those facing the car battery drain after a day sitting often ask, ‘can a starter solenoid drain a battery?‘ Not all starter …

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