Is a 12.4 Volt OK for a Car Battery?

is 12.4 volts ok car battery

Are you preparing to put your automobile or boat in storage for the season? Care for your car engine properly and battery care is critical if you aren’t one of the lucky few who can use their devices all year round. In this piece of writing, we’ll explain if a 12.4-volt is OK for a …

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How Long Does an Alternator Take to Charge a Battery

how long does an alternator take to charge a battery

In order to charge your battery, the alternator must generate a voltage that is slightly greater than the battery voltage, which causes the current to flow into the battery until the battery achieves the higher voltage. But do you know how long an alternator takes to charge a battery? Faster battery charging is a benefit …

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What Does STD, AGM, and Gel Mean On a Battery Charger

what does std agm and gel mean on a battery charger

The straightforward answer is that STD suggests standard flooded or wet lead-acid battery, AGM suggests Absorbed Glass Mat lead-acid battery, and Gel suggests Gel-Cell lead-acid battery. They have many similarities.  Are you learning about details? You would like to read the top to bottom of this article, what STD, AGM, and Gel mean on a …

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Can You Use an Extension Cord With a Battery Charger

can you use an extension cord with a battery charger

We are constantly facing a situation to plug in our electronic gadgets or vehicles in a more convenient location than is currently available; this may indicate that we require extra ports. When you need to use it, can you use an extension cord with a battery charger? Certainly, you may; in fact, 75% of plug-in …

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Can I Use a 52v Battery on a 48v Motor

can i use a 52v battery on a 48v motor

The advantages of using a 52V battery are increasing speed and torque, and nowadays, it’s become popular among riders. But newbies are confused and ask the simple question-“can I use a 52v battery on a 48v motor?“. Yes, it’s doable. The majority of the time, a 52V battery works quite well with a 48V controller; …

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How Many Amps is a Car Battery: Car Batteries Solution

how many amps is a car battery

Whether you are a new car owner or a pro driver, you have to know some important things about car batteries, especially volts, car battery amps hours, or others. The basic understanding supports getting the optimum performance and a perfect replacement process.  However, to understand ‘how many amps is a car battery, you have to …

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How Does Cranking Voltage Compared With Battery Voltage

how does cranking voltage compared with battery voltage

Most of the people who have vehicles have already introduced the words cranking voltage & battery voltage. Perhaps, you don’t know how cranking voltage compares with battery voltage. Well, I present here to help you by providing a ton of info on this matter.  If you do not have enough time to visit the full …

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Can Low Battery Cause Abs Light to Come on

can low battery cause abs light to come on (1)

The original answer to this question is that a low or weak battery can cause ABS light and traction control light to come on.  Even though it can affect your vehicle’s overall performance. It is not good for your vehicle if the ABS light turns on. This signal shows your car has some common problems …

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Can I Connect Fish Finder to Trolling Motor Battery

can i connect fish finder to trolling motor battery

As a smart sport fisherman, you would like to use the fish finder that helps you to find the fish with ease. This device shows the position of the fish and other underwater information like water depth, distribution of fish school, and the situation of the seabed by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the sea and …

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5 Ways to Make Your Trolling Motor Batteries Last Longer

ways to make your trolling motor batteries last longer

For those who are fervid about trolling knows the fundamentality of having a dependable trolling motor. The better the batteries, the easier it is for you to move your boat at a slower yet your own pace. When the batteries die in the process, it is analogous to your own demise, with no option but …

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