Group 78 Batteries – Dimensions, Features, and Our Selection

If a user is searching for a BCI group battery to install because of the side post or terminal purpose, a BCI group 78 battery is a perfect choice, especially, driving in a cold and stormy environment. Although it is common that a vehicle may accept a multipurpose battery size, for instance, a BCI 34/78 battery is compatible with a car that accepts a BCI group 78 battery. All about is the height clearance because most of the side post terminal 78 batteries request 10” or less than 10” hood to cover it properly, neither the hood may not close nor the appropriate matching is possible.

For removing all your confusions between top post, side post, and dual-purpose to select for your private or heavy-duty vehicle, we have enlisted your queries in FAQs and buyer’s guide section. We hope the prospective users love to get out of the puzzle conditions, a plus point of top-picks of group 78 battery is a working and driving breeze. 

What Is a Group 78 Battery?

A BCI group 78 battery is a common need for vehicles, consisting of terminals on the battery side. Similar to other identical battery sizes, this one is superior in its own characteristics with specific optimization. Group 78 batteries of different brands often fit with terminal optimization instead of 34 batteries, yet the terminal height suitability is a barrier. 

Although a 78 battery splits in terms of dimensions and features from a 34 battery, their Spiralcell often provides better electrolyte and lead components which allows contacting fast and smoothly at any time. Even quite an initial burst for starting and faster charge to carry it anywhere you need. 

Group 78 Batteries – Dimensions and Features

Such a dual-purpose battery of 78 sizes is often good to go for the “Stop and Go” term and automotive applications. Since the batteries require huge currents and to be charged quickly for instant applications, you have to choose a group 78 battery for tougher and durable jobs to accomplish. 

In terms of dimensions, rather than group 31 batteries, a group 78 battery is available mid-size and shaped for holding lead-acid. Such lead-acid battery form is very practical, not only to keep up with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries but also to provide much more charging capacity than general batteries for cars or heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and caterpillars. Sealed with either SLA or AGM prolongs the battery life. 

Types of 78 group batteries may vary, as well as wet/flooded, gel-cell, LiFePO4, or Lithium Iron Phosphate. However, the battery physical dimensions are nothing unusual as we have mentioned before, and it has more interchangeability power to get compatible with 34, 31, and sometimes 24 battery groups

The prior and standard dimension of group 78 batteries is:

L x W x H: 10.25 x 7.0625 x 7.6875 inches (26 x 17.9 x 19.6 cm)

However, featuring 3/8″ terminal posts makes it different from the group of batteries in the common crowd, indicating from the front side both positive and negative respectively to the left and to the right. But don’t get overwhelmed by the label of ’34/78′, as if both 34 and 78 are similar by featuring top SAE terminals. Also, in order to split the common size of the battery compartment, sometimes such a group of batteries is available with labels of DT or Dual Terminals. 


What Cars Take Group 78 Battery?

This is a battery group for side post accepted vehicles and terminals either in positive or negative in respectively negative or positive. This number is a measurement for taking space inside the transport to start its motor. 

A vehicle of each battery group requires a specific amount of amperage to let you drive smoothly, in fact, the cold weather adjustment is not a barrier indeed. So, users should be aware of cold-cranking amps. Therefore, we have found GM, Chrysler, Dodge which accept group 78 batteries at ease. 

What is the Difference Between a Group 65, Group 75/78, Group 24/24F, Group 35, and H-Series battery?

Each of the group’s identical dimensions means to separate them in task accomplishment and acceptance by different car brands. For example, groups 75, 78, and 34 have almost similar dimensions, 9.1 x 7.1 x 7.3 inches. Also, all of the terminal construction is on the side post. 

In terms of top-post comparisons, the battery compartment does not come close to the hood and is easy to adjust and get covered, for instance, a group 65 battery. 

A Short-list of Different Battery Acceptance by Cars

Battery Group size chart: How to choose your battery

65 (Top Terminal)Ford, Lincoln, Mercury
75/78 (Side Terminal)GM, Chrysler, Dodge
24/24F (Top Terminal)Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan, Acura
35 (Top Terminal)Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru Dodge, Plymouth Chevy, Honda, Dodge Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Dodge, Chrysler
H Series (Top Terminal)Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru Dodge, Plymouth Chevy, Honda, Dodge Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Dodge, Chrysler

How Long Do Group 78 Batteries Last? 

Labels that are attached to the battery part indicate how long a battery you can apply properly. Whether a battery features more than 24 months or others may be below the range. But AGM or absorbent glass mat technology constructed batteries support more unlike LED-Acid leaves the chance of overflooding. 

Other factors, for instance, design with spillproof tech, continuous contact in between electrolyte and lead plates of the battery resist power-draining while the battery is in storage mode and stabilizes the power in itself as well. 

Powered by versatile onboard electronics, vehicles demand appropriate battery size and compartment unless it has some spare room to get suitable, therefore, no case of being sorry and for keeping everything safe. From our experience, such 78 batteries group we have enlisted below for your perusal and ease of interchangeable performance included. 

1. ACDelco 78AGM BCI Group 78 Battery

ACDelco 78AGM BCI Group 78 Battery

Technical Specifications

Battery group 78
Battery type Starting 
Battery cell type AGM 
CCA 740 
RC115 MIN 
MCA 890  
Material Lead Acid 
Dimension 10.9 x 7.3 x 7.2 inches

First and foremost experienced the best group 78 batteries, not only for deep-cycle use but also in every extremely durable case and is manufactured by ACDelco. Such a BCI 78 battery has been engineered to fit in heavy-duty vehicles, however, prolongs the battery life with a built-in hydrometer. 

Though it is a starting type BCI battery, spillproof design and hydrometer not only allows to check battery health after every usage but also avoid overheating, including leakage or acid circulation. If you are thinking of having one 78 battery with puncture resistance, purchase this one with better electrolyte contact and wrap it up with a rigid envelope separator. 

2. ODYSSEY Batteries 78 PC1500-A Automotive Battery

ODYSSEY Batteries 78 PC1500-A Automotive Battery

Technical Specifications

  • Battery group 34/78 
  • Fit type vehicle specific;
  • Battery cell type Lead Acid;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Mounting flexibility;
  • Faster recharge;
  • Weight 49.5 Pounds;
  • Dimension 1 x 1 x 1 inches.

If you are searching for a 78 battery with dual-purpose and reliability, the 78 PC1500-A models from the well-established manufacturer Odyssey is the perfect one with interchangeable features. In particular, this model stands out from the crowd for its vibration resistance and be protective in terms of any type of mechanical vibration. 

The plates of this battery are made of unadulterated virgin lead in order to be aware of the progress in the light of the truth. Further plate means more plate surface area and significantly more energy – twice the normal energy and multiple times the existence of a regular battery – up to 400 cycles at an 80% rate of release. 

The Odyssey battery offers huge starting power, fast recovery, and amazing deep cycling capabilities that current vehicle requests. 

3. Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Group 78 Battery 

Odyssey PC1500DT Group 78 Battery

Technical Specifications

Battery group 34/78 
Battery type Dual-purpose
Battery cell type AGM 
CCA 850 
RC135 MIN 
MCA 1050 
Material Lead Acid
Dimension 10.85 x 6.99 x 7.82 inches

If you are searching for a 78 battery with dual-purpose and reliability, the 34/78-PC1500DT model from the well-established manufacturer Odyssey is the perfect one with interchangeable features. In particular, this model stands out from the crowd for its vibration resistance and be protective in terms of any type of mechanical vibration. 

While starting a battery under different starting circumstances is critical, such a dual-purpose based one with extreme temperature tolerance power, approximately -40 – 113 degrees F ensures the fast recharge capacity. Moreover, 400 charge/discharge cycles you will face while driving 4×4 and off-road vehicles, and classic cars. 

4. Optima OPT8014-045 8014-045 D34/78 Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries OPT8014-045

Technical Specifications

Battery group 34/78 
Battery type Dual-purpose 
Battery cell type AGM
CCA 750
RC120 MIN 
MCA 890 
Material Lead Acid 
Dimension 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches

Another group of 34/78 batteries was manufactured by Optima. This one we have opted out for dual functioning capacity, for instance, well-balanced feature between starting and withstanding heavy-duty electronics applications. In particular, an awesome vehicle instant starting tool while in need of a cold climate. 

More features like stereos, heated seats along with advanced and automated safety features help in battery life-prolonging, in addition, complying with resisting frequent recharge cycles even when accidentally the recharge gets down to the level. According to our experience, while one of our crew members just forgot to disconnect the cell phone, the battery instantly started the button anyway. 

5. Odyssey PC1500-A Automotive Group 78 Battery

ODYSSEY Batteries 78 PC1500-A

Technical Specifications

Battery group 78
Battery type Dual-purpose 
Battery cell type AGM 
CCA 850 
RC135 MIN 
MCA 1050
Material Lead Acid 

Last yet not least group 78 battery as if another powerful model from Odyssey. This one is another 12 V battery, yet an excellent choice if you are determined to have a starting and deep-cycle feature altogether at once. However, we found it very much reliable in terms of driving in the cold weather without any noise and vibration creation. 

Its poor self-discharging discouraged our minds from purchasing it. However, its tight manufacturing control and experiencing review of good consistency made us mind to install it in private vehicles. 

Starting vs Dual-purpose  

Users differentiate between starting and dual purpose 78 batteries in terms of facilities in applications. However, a dual purpose is better than a conventional flooded or starting battery sometimes. One can install a deep cycle battery instead of a starting battery. But how?

Well, a deep cycle battery construction has entirely been processed with heavy, thick, and rigid plates. In the case of starting model battery construction, no advanced design to become potential for multiple discharge/recharge cycles means the recharge system runs by the alternator. In short, a starting battery optimizes mostly the normal engines though it delivers in a shorter time an applicable huge burst of power in its powerhouse. Therefore, it is obvious that a deep cycle battery user can install a heavy or private vehicle to start your mother by an instant pinch. One rule of thumb is the motor with 2 or 3 systems you should separate from the engine battery as if from the in-house batteries. 

Deep cycle or dual-purpose batteries are far better complicated yet powerful with a heavy powerhouse for supporting your vehicle engine for longer, even, however, the climate you are driving on the road.  Such a steady amount lets the engine self-recharge and protect from heavy leakage to avoid any accidents. Moreover, such a dual-purpose model is well-suited to increase a wide range of electronics and plug-in accessories to drive the motor as well. However, as per our experience, users can use a similar battery for cranking and trolling. 

34/78 vs 78 Batteries 

We have mentioned which cases and how you can utilize a dual-purpose battery or a starting model. For mild-to-moderate amp draw services, a dual-purpose battery is standard to operate. However, we have experienced a typical model more than a group 78 battery, group 34/78 battery. 

34 number recommends a battery of certain dimensions with both top terminals, for instance, positive and negative. On the other hand, 78 battery group refers to side terminals engaged in a construction capacity. However, 2 different physical dimensions, at least relative to each of their size apart from similar terminals. But one thing should users remember until the height issue becomes cleared with top terminals, neither group 34 or group 34/78 battery installation is possible.  

Wrap Up

A common side terminal battery that your vehicle needs is the 78 number referred battery group. Such an identical size you can find anywhere to empower your vehicle motor. As we have picked out some excellent group 78 batteries which are rather reliable than other sources and hopefully such excellent picks will let you verify the engine circumstances in any weather. 

In particular, if you need better maintenance and charging fast, get optimized with the ACDelco 78AGM BCI Group 78 Battery

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