How to Connect a Wall Plug to a Car Battery

Are you wondering how to connect a wall plug to a car battery? 

Well, you stay in the exact place where you find a lot of information about wall plug connection to a car battery. Though it is not a problematic thing, many people are confused about how to do it suitably. For that, you need to insert the plug into the socket. At this time, you should keep your household devices OFF. 

how to connect a wall plug to a car battery

This information is not sufficient to understand every essential point on this matter. Not only that, we shall try to look at more things on car batteries. So, read the full tutorial discovering everything. 

How to Connect a Wall Plug to a Car Battery?

To connect a wall plug, also known as an anchor or Rawl plug, is very easy. You notice that the inverter carries a plug-in connector when you use the battery entered on the car. You need to put the plug into your car’s accessory socket. Then, shut OFF the household device. It is necessary to plug its power cord into the slotted outlet on the inverter. Now, turn the switch ON position on the inverter. 

However, a wall plug is one kind of anchor utilized to facilitate the attachment of a screw-in material as well as support the pressure of the object attached to the screw. Wall plugs are made from soft materials like plastic. 

Can Car Batteries Be Used for Home Electricity?

Some renowned brands come with the highest quality vehicle batteries that are used as a supplement source of electricity around the house. At present, new lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and include as a power source of electricity. For example, Sharp Corporation has discovered the Intelligent Power Conditioner. Another benefit is an ordinary car battery can produce a 12-volt electrical current. This amount of current is enough to power most portable devices. 

Maximum car batteries are designed to power a home average of three days. When you calculate it per hour, you find another answer like a battery bank supplying 90 kilowatt-hours of power or energy.

Can I Use My Car as a Generator?

Of course, it is possible to use the car as a generator. Just simply connecting some wear, your vehicle becomes a standard generator for supplying energy in an emergency. Often you can use it as an alternate power source when you are tailgating, camping, or doing other activities. 

How Do You Get Extra Power Sources into Your Car? 

For that, you have to install a power outlet into your car for extra energy. Wire the power outlet through your dashboard then include it in the battery immediately. Instead of a power outlet, you can install a power inverter or home inverter. Also, home inverters charge a car battery without any hassle. It especially works to transform the battery’s power to the electronics’ strength. 

How to Convert a Car Battery Into a Power Outlet?

You know, a car battery is not enough to run the household equipment. Maximum household appliances require a central socket. Sometimes they need a lot of power that is not possible for supplying the car battery. In this case, you can convert your car battery into a power outlet. So, how to convert it?

To convert a car battery into a power outlet, you have an intermediary or go-between on the appliance and battery. This mediator can be a power inverter. A power inverter is the best way to convert your car battery into a power outlet. Then you can use your home appliance. 

Can You Wire a Plug to a Car battery?

It depends on your choice but wiring a plug or cigarette lighter is a simple process. If you don’t like it, you can ignore wiring a new deep cycle battery. But, by wiring a 12-volt outlet directly, your vehicle gets power. On the other hand, you would like to choose the cigarette lighter socket if you are determined to go the DIY route. 

Can You Run a 110 Plug Off a Car Battery?

Yes, you can run 110 or 120-volt devices while tightening to a charged battery for a short time. Car batteries maintain a direct 12 volts current. Most of them have no slotted outlets. This 110 to 120 volts alternating current ebbs in pulses at 60 MHz. Don’t think this is a smooth direct cycle of the electricity that happens in a DC battery. 

For this reason, you can’t use all your household appliances with a car battery. The devices which can provide the slotted outlets to insert the plugs on as necessary as your devices. Besides, you can select a device that recycles the electricity into the alternating current at an accurate voltage. 

In this case, the power inverter is a vital part to connect household devices with the car battery. This nifty device is available in hardware stores, online retailers, and auto supply dealers. It contains wires or cables to clasp onto the terminals of the battery. Where encompassed into the inverter allows not only one slotted outlet, but also many slotted outlets acceptable plugs from several devices. So, suitable for powering 110 or 120 volts household devices. 

At present, you find some power inverters that have a socket plug and battery clamps both. This is because you are eligible to put in the accessory outlets or cigarette lighter directly on the car. When you need it, you can use the battery as soon as possible. 

So, are you thinking about what to consider for buying an inverter using a car battery? 

First, ensure the design of an inverter that is a 12-volt battery although there are various voltages labeled with different words from 12-volt to 110-volts. You should avoid the other voltages because that can’t be perfect on a car battery. 

Second, try to collect which features both a plug-in connector and cable clamps. For this benefit, you will use your inverter on an installation battery along with a stand-alone battery in the car. 

Thirdly, you have to consider the wattage because you know the household appliances have no same watts rate. Before using an inverter, you have to confirm the power of your devices as well as inverters. 150 to 300 watts inverters work better than others.

Wrapping Up 

Now, it is time to say goodbye to the tutorial on how to connect a wall plug to a car battery. Remember, using an inverter to charge up your household appliances is not a method used frequently. This electrical device power inverter is helpful to renovate alternate current to a direct current. So, there is no complexity of this matter. 

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