How to Make A Battery Powered Boat

It is true that in recent times, most of our waters vessels like boats are now powered by gasoline and diesel engines. However, in the past our boats were electric – powered. This does not in any way mean that they are ineffective in performance, especially with the use of deep cycle battery.

Just like our cars are powered, having a battery-powered boat can be fun too. For those who still want to try out that technology, it is not at all complicated. It will only require your familiarity with electric motors.

Once you motor in place, you just need a boat model to couple it into and you’re ready to sail what you can consider your trolling motor battery.

how to make a battery powered boat
  • Find an airtight model of a boat and a cheap RC car with its motor
  • First, you need to make a hole, (drill) one that is just slightly bigger than the shaft that turns on the motor and apply glue on the outside part of it.
  • Put the motor in and power it on until the glue dries. The whole model will be practically watertight as longer as you keep it away from water for some few hours.
  • Connect the wires from the CPU in the RC car to the motor and glue a string at the front in order to steer the boat. Otherwise, if you are capable make rudders and connect them to the CPU.

How to make a battery – powered boat is not as complicated as many people think, and the materials required are easy to find. The only challenge of having your boat using the marine battery is that the electrical parts and engine are kept in a water proof area. How do you do this?

The boat’s engine is positioned in the boat’s hull such that the propeller protrudes out from the underwater into waterproof seal. A kit with premade boat is important to acquire, as it will save time and money in the process of trying to create your own model.

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