How to Mount A Trolling Motor on An Aluminum Boat

If you are a boat owner then you should be familiar with trolling motors. A trolling motor is a thing that will allow you to maneuver the boat more easily and even at the slower speed. A trolling motor will give you an awesome boating experience. 

So if you are a boat owner and love to ride it and love fishing then you should purchase a good trolling motor for your boat. If you buy a trolling motor for your boat, you have to set it on your boat to use the trolling motor. This can be used both in saltwater and freshwater. You will get the option to decide when you purchase one. 

After you purchase one you have to mount the trolling motor on your boat properly to use it. At this point many people face the issue of mounting the motor because they don’t know how to mount a trolling motor on the boat or aluminum boat. Don’t worry, in this article we have discussed a few ways to mount a trolling motor. We will not consume any more words here… Lets directly go to the main topic.

how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat

First of all, you should know a few things about mounting a trolling motor. There are few places on the boat where you can mount the motor. They are The Transom, The Bow, The Engine. First, we will cover the method of mounting a trolling motor on the transom.

To mount the trolling motor on the transom, first of all, you have to open the mounting bracket clamps. If you purchase a transom-mounted trolling motor then there will be a built in mounting bracket that holds the motor in place. So at the starter point open them.

After you finish the first step, now come to the second step and place the trolling motor close to the transom. But be aware that when you are putting the motor over the transom make sure you are not making interference with the main motor of the boat.

If you have completed the last two steps about mounting the trolling motor on the transom then you are almost finished to mount the trolling motor. Now all you have to do is tighten up the clamps again that you opened in the first step. You have to turn it to the right to tighten it. Don’t forget to tighten the clamps properly.


So now, there should be no confusion about mounting a trolling motor on the aluminum boat! Though we haven’t discussed all the positions to mount the trolling motor except the transom. Installing or mounting the motor on the transom is much easier than other mounting places. 

We hope this article will surely help you to mount your newly purchased trolling motor on your boat. If you feel uneasy about mounting it, just read this article a few times step by step to get clear. So no more words! It’s time to mount the trolling motor on the boat

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