How to Test A Deep Cycle Battery with A Multimeter

Do you know the capacity, quality, and effectiveness of your battery? Most people who are using deep cycle batteries do not know about their batteries. They are not well aware of this fact. They just use power when they need to. They do not calculate its power, voltage and negative positive side. It may cause a serious accident and can be the reason for life being spoiled. Because a deep cycle battery is a lead acid battery and we know that acid accidents are not expectable at all. So, we need to be aware and to learn the testing process of deep cycle batteries.

I am going to discuss here how to test a deep cycle battery with a multimeter. This is very important to know for a battery user.

Take the Measurement of Charge

Step 1 #

test a deep cycle battery with a multimeter

Firstly, take the reading of voltage capacity and temperature of the battery. Deep cycle battery shows the reading of State of Charge(SoC) of several types of battery. Without charging the SoC will be more than three fourths that means 75 percent when it is in rest position for two to eight hours.

Step 2 #

Main battery test

Switch off the fuel supply and turn over the engine with the starter motor for about fifteen seconds. Take the lowest voltage during this cranking.

Step 3 #

Battery Capacity test

Battery Capacity test

Slowly connect, medium load and take the reading how much power it discharges. The recommended two capacities is 2:5. Discharge testing of the battery is set with a DC ammeter. It can measure voltage and current in every frequency.


Electrical power energy and deep cycle batteries are always highly risky to handle. You are requested to handle it with great care. If you don’t feel flexible enough to handle it, please don’t do that. I will not be responsible for any accident and loss occurs by following this instruction.

For the better test reading an excellent quality multimeter is required. Hope so it will give you the best experience of deep cycle battery testing. Good wishes to you all for happy energy or deep cycle battery use.

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