How to Wire a Trolling Motor

It is important that you are careful when dealing with any kinds of wiring. If you are passionate about improving and extending your boat’s uses, you must be careful when it comes to wiring your trolling motor. This is to avoid possible or further wreckage.

When it comes to wiring your trolling motor, you must be mindful as not to experience any power loss. This is sometimes the case between even your marine battery and trolling motor. This is especially because it is both gasoline-powered and electronic. So you will need to identify which will be a better help for your engine size.

Choosing a good trolling motor battery for you is one of the important things to decide on as it will be your first line of battery support and understanding the wiring and voltage requirements are the first few things you have to know about this equipment.

how to wire a trolling motor
how to wire a trolling motor

How to Wire a Trolling Motor

When it comes to how to wire a trolling motor, you must simply consider that you have both the right equipment and the right parts. Parts like the trolling motor, its control, and power leads that have terminal ring battery connectors-to name a few.

It is important as well to understand, and recognize the use of each equipment when it comes to wiring your trolling motor:

Circuit Breaker

This one is what protects your trolling motor especially in instances wherein it may get caught on an underwater obstacle.

Quick Release Plate

It will be for an easy removal of the bow- mount and may be used for service, storage, trailering or boat cover.

Extension Wiring

Some installations will require an extension for it to reach the batteries. It is important to be familiar and to have an idea on what gauge of wire to be used when extending your wiring.

When you already have all the recommended and needed equipment, you now have to be sure that you do the wiring of your trolling motor to your battery properly:

– First, you must identify the positive and negative leads, which are the red and black power leads respectively.

– Then, you will have to attach these to the battery properly – positive power lead is attached to the positive compartment, and the negative power lead to the negative compartment.


Knowing and tinkering your way around your gadget and device’s wiring can be helpful. This will give you the chance to learn more about the ways of your boat’s power generator. But keep in mind that before doing so, it is important that you know the basic important things to remember to avoid possibly allowing a premature battery failure for your boat.

Your trolling motor serves as your battery’s support, which is why it is important that you take care of it just as much as you take care of your battery. Wiring is a vital part of your boat, and it will be best that you are sensitive enough when it comes to tinkering with it.

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