LR43, SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, 386, 301 Batteries and Battery Replacements

The LR43 battery is a non-rechargeable primary battery. This compact and cost-effective alkaline button cell battery has a nominal voltage of 1.5V and is alkaline material. The LR43 can be substituted for various devices depending on where you live and the brand of battery you want to use.

The LR43 battery equivalents are the AG12, G12, G12A, or V12GA batteries. Because they are significantly less expensive, the LR43 and counterparts are frequently used in silver oxide 301 or 386 batteries in electronic devices. These components are prevalent in small electronic devices such as calculators, watches, miniature flashlights, and other similar items.

The most frequent question I get is what battery can replace LR43? Consequently, LR43 and its equivalents SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, 386, and 301 batteries, all simply replaced with AG12, G12, G12A, V12GA, SR43S, SR43W, SR43SW, and SG12 batteries. A quick glance at the battery cross reference chart can help to guarantee that you don’t end up with the wrong battery. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions concerning the LR43, SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, 386, 301 batteries and replacements. This article includes everything from basic information to features and our recommendations.

LR43, SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, 386, 301 Batteries Specifications

Following the IEC standard, these batteries should be designated LR1142 (alkaline) or SR1142 (sulphur dioxide) (silver-oxide). Below is the specification of a general LR43 battery.

  • Capacity: 120 to 125 mAh;
  • Chemistry: Alkaline, sulphur dioxide or silver-oxide;
  • Voltage: 1.5 Volts;
  • Dimensions: 11.6 mm (0.4567 inches) diameter x 4.2 mm (0.1654 inches) height;
  • Approximate Weight: 0.0400 lbs.

LR43 Batteries and Battery Types

So now you know the equivalent names, although they may not be exactly the same size. Typically LR43 for alkaline batteries and SR43 for silver-oxide batteries are the most commonly used two-digit codes. Knowing and comparing battery types will help you choose the right battery.

Alkaline Equivalent: LR43, AG12, LR1142, 386, 301, 186 Batteries

Battery labels for alkaline 11.6×4.2 mm batteries are usually seen on LR43, AG12, LR1142, 386, 301, and 186 batteries; however, certain labels are interchangeable. For example, some manufacturers like Cotchear AG12 coin battery also use the AG12, 386, 301, and 186 numbers to label silver-oxide batteries.

A typical capacity of approximately 100 milliamp hours is achieved by using lithium-ion batteries, such as the LR43 or the LR1142. These batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, a cutoff voltage of 1.0 volts, and a base capacity of 1.5 milliamp hours is achieved using lithium-ion batteries.  PKCELL LR1142 button cell battery is one of them. It is important to note that the capacity of powered devices is frequently dependent on the cutoff voltage and drain current.

Among that alkaline batteries, Maxell LR43 1.5v alkaline button batteries are low-cost, high-reliability power sources for toys, flashlights, and other electronic devices that can withstand voltage drops over extended periods. If you want to see another similar kind of 1.5V alkaline button or coin cell battery, you can look in glimpse LR1130 Battery Equivalents.

Why We Recommend:

  • Inexpensive;
  • As a battery’s life progresses, the voltage drops;
  • Consume less energy and last longer;
  • Anti-Leak Protection to prevent damage to devices;
  • Extra Power Formula.

Silver Oxide Equivalent: SR43W, SR43, SR43SW, 386, 301, 186, AG12, SG12, SR1142, SR1142SW Batteries

Batteries with a silver-oxide 11.6×4.2 mm size are known as SR43W, SR43, SR43SW, 386, 301, 186, AG12, SG12, SR1142, and SR1142SW, but the SR43, SR1142, and SR43S models are by far the most prevalent (W). Examine the battery’s description and chemistry when buying if any of the following numbers appear on the label: 186, 301, or 386.

Energizer Silver Oxide Batteries have an output of 130 milliamp-hours (mAh) and have a nominal voltage of 1.55 V, with an operating cutoff voltage of 1.22 V. These batteries are available in various capacities, including “high-drain” and “low-drain” models, which are labelled differently by some manufacturers. For example, “Battery capacity is 130mAh when discharged over 6.81k (224.6A) at 20°C to 1.2v using Duracell - 303/357/76 Silver Oxide Button Battery which is an extreme-drain SR43. 

Loopacell 386/301 TS Silver Oxide batteries are frequently utilized to power fragile and sensitive electronic devices. More crucially, silver-oxide cells have a larger steady voltage, more capacity and longer shelf life than alkaline batteries. However, they do cost slightly more.

Why We Recommend:

  • Costly but durable;
  • Can tolerate high current loads;
  • Ensures that voltage is maintained while in operation;
  • Very high energy-to-weight ratio; 
  • Higher life expectancy.

Zinc Air and Mercury-Oxide Equivalent: AC41E, PR43, or 7001Z

Zinc-air 11.6×4.2 mm batteries are rare in production. They were marketed under the names AC41E, PR43, and 7001Z and were used in hearing aids. Because of the mercury present in these batteries, they are no longer in use. But Renata SR621SW Silver Oxide has zero mercury but powerful as other batteries.

The AC41E, PR43, and 7001Z batteries had a usual capacity of 380-390 mAh, but they were phased out, favouring Blue Tab PR44 (675, ZA675, and 7003ZD) batteries, which had an average capacity of 600 mAh. Alkaline and silver-oxide batteries had a nominal voltage of 1.35 volts and a slightly lower capacity than these batteries. Alkaline and silver-oxide batteries had a nominal voltage of 1.35 volts and a slightly lower capacity than these batteries.

Why We Recommend:

  • Flat and Stable discharge voltage;
  • Safe and environmental Friendly;
  • Long shelf-life;
  • Low cost;
  • It’s an electrochemical powerhouse.

LR43, SR43, LR1142, SR1142, AG12, SG12, 386 Batteries Comparison Chart

ChemistryAlkalineSilver-OxideZinc AirMercury-Oxide
Nominal Voltage1.5V1.55V1.4V1.35V
End-Point Voltage1.0V1.2V1.2V1.1V
NotesVoltage drops over timeVery constant voltageSlightly lower voltage, large capacity;mostly used as hearing aid batteriesSlightly lower voltage contains mercury;not in use anymore
Typical LabelsLR43, AG12, LR1142, 386, 301, 186SR43W, SR43, SR43SW, 386, 301, 186, AG12, SG12, SR1142, SR1142SW AC41E, PR43, 7001ZMR43, MR1142
Typical Capacity100 mAh130 mAh380-390 mAh100 – 120 mAh


Is LR43 the Same as LR44?

LR43 has the same voltage, diameter, mAh but is 1.2mm thinner than LR44. Basically, your gadget should work to get the batteries into the battery compartment and make good contact. 

Where Can I Buy LR43 Batteries?

LR43 Battery is available for purchase online or at your nearby hardware store. But make online buying seamless and straightforward. Also, we’re here to assist you in making the most of the different promotions available to you! 

Can the 357 Battery Replace LR41?

The lr41 is equivalent to the 392 button battery, and the lr44 is equivalent to the 357. Because the LR44 is taller, they will not even come close to fitting if you try to put them in a battery 357 Battery compartment.

Are LR and SR Batteries the Same?

LR44 and SR44 are identical in size. The SR variant has a higher terminal voltage (1.55v – 1.5v) and a higher capacity. Many gadgets are available that use the LR44 battery.

What are LR43 Batteries Used for?

LR43 batteries are used in the following devices: watches, alarm transmitters, children’s books, calculators, glucose monitors, and a variety of other small electrical appliances.

Final Verdict

Batteries like the LR43 and its equivalents have a long service life and provide a reliable continuous power source for your device. I’m hoping to present you with a complete and accurate image of the  LR43 battery equivalents. You have gained sufficient knowledge to be able to distinguish between all of them.

Compared to silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries are less expensive and last longer. If you need a replacement battery for a toy or other non-sensitive electronic gadget, search for an ‘alkaline’ AG12, 186, 301, or 386 battery.

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