LR621, 364, AG1, SR621SW Battery Equivalents, and Replacements

Swing to find the lr621 battery equivalent? Don’t panic. It is not so much a challenging thing. Every battery user can get a lot of information about LR621, 364, AG1, SR621SW battery equivalents, and replacements by reading this article.

This study aimed to determine actual info about LR621 batteries. Also, you will learn a cross-reference chart, comparisons of LR621 vs LR626, and more other data. So, why are you late to go through the main topic?

Basis of the LR621 Batteries

LR621 batteries have too much popularity due to their super performance of the different small daily basis tools. Watches, remote keys, small toys, or other compact devices use these LR621 and SR621SW buttons or coin cell batteries. These batteries are available in the market and not at high prices. Nowadays, numerous leading brands produce the LR621 and SR621SW batteries. 

Features and Specifications

Without knowing the battery group size or dimensions, you can’t select the perfect one. 

Here is the LR621 battery equivalent of the 364, AG1, SR621SW batteries. They are non-rechargeable buttons or coin cell batteries. Their features and specifications are pretty similar. The basic dimensions of the LR621 and SR621 batteries are 6.8×2.1 mm so that the diameter is 6.8 mm and the height of 2.1 mm. 

But, they are divided into alkaline and silver-oxide batteries. When you turn on alkaline batteries, they are LR621, LR60, and AG1 labeled. On the other hand, silver-oxide batteries are labeled as SR621, SR621SW, SR60, SG1, 164, 364, and also AG1. So, the AG1 label is used for both chemistries. 


Though LR621 and ST621SW batteries are the same, they have some different specifications. Let us explain by showing a comparison table. 

Explanation LR621 Batteries SR621SW Batteries 
Nominal Voltage 1.5 Volts and voltage drops over time1.55 Volts and very constant voltage
Cut Off Voltage 0.9 Volts1.2 Volts
Nominal Capacity Around 12-15 mAh18-23(25) mAh range
Discharged Level Down to 0.9 volts—–
Typical LabelsLR621, LR60, or AG1 SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364, SG1, or AG1

According to the table, the nominal voltage of the alkaline batteries is 1.5 volts and the Silver-oxide batteries voltage is 1.55 volts, a little higher than alkaline. Voltage can drop rapidly.  The device can shut off if the voltage is 1.1 or 1.2 volts. When you use the LR621 batteries in electronic devices, the cut-off voltage can be reached to 0.9 volts. But, the silver-oxide batteries have 1.2v cut-off voltage. 

The LR621/LR60/AG1 batteries nominal capacity is 12-15 mAh, where SR621 batteries have an 18-23(25) mAh nominal capacity range higher than others. These batteries are suitable for use in multiple gadgets, especially which devices require constant voltage. 

Ultimately, the LR621, 364, AG1, SR621SW batteries along with all coin cell batteries have a larger capacity, more cut-off voltage, higher consistent operating voltage, and better shelf life. But, they are a little pricey than the other types of batteries in the market today. 

LR621 Batteries Cross Reference Chart

Our cross reference chart helps you to get a clear idea about SR621SW, LR621, 364, AG1 battery models. Here is the combination of some well-known battery features and specifications. 

Models Chemistry Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage Cutoff Voltage Discharge CurrentOperating TemperatureAnnual Self-Discharge Rate

Energizer 364/363

Silver Oxide

19 mAh 68kΩ down to 1.2V @21°C 



21μA @1.46V 68kΩ @21°C


~2% @20°C
Duracell D364Silver Oxide20 mAh 68k1Ω down to 1.2V @20°C


33.2μA @1.52V 68k1Ω @20°C

0°C to +60°C

<10% @20°C

Maxell SR621SW

Silver Oxide

18 mAh 47kΩ down to 1.2V @20°C



30μA @1.55V 47kΩ @20°C

-10°C to +60°C


Murata SR621

Silver Oxide

20 mAh 47kΩ down to 1.2V @23°C



30μA @1.55V 47kΩ @23°C

-10°C to +60°C


Seiko SR621SW

Silver Oxide
23 mAh 30kΩ down to 1.2V @23°C



-10°C to +60°C


Varta V 364 MF

Silver Oxide

17 mAh 68kΩ down to 1.2V @20°C 



~22μA @1.55V 68kΩ @20°C

0°C to +60°C 

<10% @20°C

So, to understand the battery performance, you should check the batteries for all related things like the temperature level, discharge current,  battery age, or more.

If you want to compare the SR621 and LR621 battery prices, you understand another important thing about both. Different LR621 models are more affordable than silver oxide batteries. But, the difference is not a major fact. Both models can be equivalent to each other’s performance. And, they are perfect for use in several electronic devices although we recommend the SR621 batteries for using kids’ toys. 

LR621 Batteries Safety Issues

To handle the powerful battery is a unique challenge like other electrical power systems. You should turn off all connections at the time of maintenance or corrective action.

LR621, SR621SW, 364/363 batteries are safe when operated as well as handled properly. Anyway, they don’t contain erratic, and therefore potentially, hazardous materials or pollutants like mercury or cadmium. That is why users do not worry about causing burns or other serious injuries. These tiny objects can attack pets or kids so that only qualified persons who are properly knowledgeable in batteries can service the batteries.  

Luckily, most brands offer ‘pets-safe’ or ‘kids safe’ of the LR621 batteries. Though there is no harmful or dangerous chemical, you face any problem with contacting the nearest emergency centers.

LR621 Vs. LR626

LR621 and LR626 batteries are the most common and usable batteries. They have some dissimilar features and specifications. See the table to find out the basic comparison of LR621 and LR626 batteries. 

Definition LR621 Batteries LR626 Batteries
Dimensions Featuring physical dimensions of (Diameter x Height) of 6.8 x 2.1 mm.Featuring physical dimensions of (Diameter x Height) of 2.6 x 6.8 mm (~0.1023 x 0.2677 inches)
Chemistry Alkaline and silver-oxideAlkaline and silver-oxide, the same chemistry use 
Nominal Voltage 1.5V or 1.55V1.5V or 1.55V
End-Point Voltage 0.9V/1.2V1.0V/1.2V
Typical LabelsLR621, LR60, AG, SG1, SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364LR66, LR626, AG4, 177, 376, 377, SG4, SR66, SR626, SR626SW
Typical CapacityThe capacity is from 12-15 mAh or 18-23(25) mAh range They have a typical capacity of 15-17 mAh or 25-27 mAh 

We can say, the nominal voltage and using chemistry are the same for both types of batteries, LR621 and LR626. The main difference between them is physical dimensions, nominal capacity, cut-off voltage, and typical labels. Even though the price or cost of the products. 

Frequently Asked Questions About LR621 Battery Equivalent 

1. Is LR621 the same as 364?

LE621 battery is similar to the 364 battery and it is a direct replacement for SR621SW, SR60, T, SR621, SB-AG/DG, 280-34, V364, D364, 602, S621E, GP364, AG1, AG-1, L621, LR621, SG1, LR60, LR620, SW621, GP164, 364X, 364A, E364 AG1/364A, SB-AG batteries. Remember, check the labels before selecting any battery. The SR621SW labeled battery is as powerful as you expect. 

2. Is a 626 battery Same as a 377?

The 626 watch battery is labeled as LR626 as well as SR626(SW) batteries. Alternatively, Energizer 377/376 battery is a button cell multi-drain battery. Their dimensions are similar to each other like 6.8 x 2.6 mm. This 6.8 x 2.6 mm dimension battery or 626 battery is the same as 377, SR626W, SR626SW, 376, and 376/377 batteries.

3. Are 364 and 377 Batteries Interchangeable? 

Though 364 and 377 batteries have many similar features and specifications, they are not interchangeable in some cases. But, 364 watch battery is equivalent to SR60 cells and 377 battery is equal to the SR66 cells. Electrically 364, 377, SR60, and SR66 batteries are the same except that the SR626SW battery. 

4. What Battery is the same as the 377?

Some batteries use different labels instead of the 377. This battery is truly a replacement for the numerous batteries such as SR626SW, SB-AW, SR66, SR626, 280-39, BA, V377, D377, E377, 606, S626E, GP377, AG4, AG-4, 377, L626, SG4, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, E377CA, LR626SW, 377A, SR262SW, 377X, AG04, 377S, GP177, SR6265W, 377/376, E377A, SR66SW, SR625SW, 377BA, CR626SW, AG4/377. 

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, you have no confusion about LR621, 364, AG1, SR621SW battery equivalents. However, LR621 button or coil cells batteries are used for many purposes, especially for small devices. Even these are not fatal for you or your kids. So, you can use this high-performance battery with confidence.

Remember, LR621 batteries are replacements for many labels such as SR621SW, SR60, T, SR621, SB-AG/DG, 280-34, V364, D364, 602, S621E, GP364, AG1, AG-1, L621, SG1, LR60, LR620, and more. Among those SR621SW batteries have a higher nominal capacity than others.

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