Odyssey 34m-pc1500st Dual Purpose Battery (Reviews 2022)

Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ener Sys; which is considered a global leader when it comes to energy solutions for automotive, military, and other applications.

The Odyssey marine battery line has about 15% more plate surface area which allows more power and reserve capacity by avoiding the dead space between cylinders. This marine battery offers a massive starting power and amazing deep cycling capability, making it more ideal for trolling, and powering on- board electronic accessories – this is where it derives its name “dual purpose battery”.

Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST Marine Dual Purpose Battery Reviews

odyssey 34m-pc1500st dual purpose battery
  • 880 Cold Crank Amp;
  • Offer full replacement warranty;
  • Three to 10 years of battery life span;
  • Vibration Resistance;
  • 15% more plate surface area;
  • Up to 135 minutes reserve capacity;

Important Features

Maintenance Free

No specific maintenance need, but it is important to treat it with proper care. This way, you are guaranteed it is going to last for a long period of time.

Non- Spillable

It is considered as a dry battery, without any free acid spilling; designed with Absorbed Glass Matt (AG). As such, no matter the position they are mounted, no spillage will be noticed (with the exception of an inverted position).

With its AGM feature, it eliminates acid spills, high conductivity, high integrity terminal seal, and a self- regulating relief valve.

Long Battery Life

Proper charging, and handling it care can help fully- utilize your battery’s life span and capacity and can support a day long trolling activity.This way, you don’t need to get worried when you spend long hours in the water.

Cold Crank Amp

Gives your marine battery a high power supply to start and power up your trolling activity, and can give your battery a longer life cycle.

Long Lasting

It has about two to three times more power than a common or normal marine battery.

Deep Cycling Capacity and Materials

It is made of pure virgin lead plates to allow a maximum surface area and can optimize recycling.

Recharge Faster

It has been discovered that when it comes to efficiency in highest possible recharge, these batteries are the lead.

Temperature Tolerance to the Extreme

This is one unit that does not need to be winterized – can be left in the boat. It operates temperature ranging from -40 oC to 80 oC (i.e -40 oF – 176 oF) for the 31M-PC2150 and even 34M-PC1500.

Feature Benefits

The Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery has a 850 CCA power supply, making it perfect to use for starting and powering your on- board electronic accessories that are on your boat.

It is designed with a superior vibration resistance, this dual purpose battery can take up to 400 cycles and 80% depth of discharge; it can protect against high impact shocks and mechanical vibration.

Since there is no need to add up water, it had been classified by the US Department of Transportation as non- spillable; and with proper care. Your Odyssey thunder marine dual purpose battery can last up to three to four years of full replacement warranty.

What we liked

  • The Odyssey Thunder Marine battery gives a long lasting usage without the voltage dropping;
  • When using a proper marine charger, the battery will hold for a long time, and can support long hours of motor boat activity;

What we didn’t like

  • Quite expensive battery, which could die in a couple of months without proper care;
  • Always be careful where you buy your battery, sometimes the packaging is already tampered with and may have an effect on the life span of your battery;


What Is the Importance of CCA?

The cold crank ampere basically refers to the amperes that the battery can support for 30 seconds with a 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Is the Reserve Capacity Rating?

Reserve capacity refers to the number of amperes that the battery can support at a 25 ampere load at 80 degrees Fahrenheit until the terminal voltage drops to 1.75 volts.

Is Odyssey Marine Battery a Completely Dry Battery?

Odyssey marine batteries falls under the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), and with it having no free acid inside, it is ready to ship anywhere, worry- free.

What Is Impedance?

Impedance is the measure of how easily your battery can get discharged; the lower impedance, the easier it is for your battery to get discharged

The Odyssey battery has a low rate of impedance, meaning it is at high risk of getting discharged compared to a marine battery.

Insider Tips

Since you are not required to a certain kind of maintenance or care, one of the most important things to remember for basic battery maintenance:

  • Clean or replace your battery terminals when necessary;
  • Battery must be secured to avoid unnecessary vibrations;
  • Check your power for current drain using an Electronic tester;
  • Check terminals, all the time. As well as the earth lead, make sure everything is tight and secured;

Although, remember that it is still best to have your batteries initially checked by professionals; also, if you are quite not sure of if you can take on cleaning and check- up do not hesitate and keep them coming back to the professional.

Summary of  Review

Most marine batteries now do not require a specific kind of care and maintenance. However, it is important that one knows their basics; it is a power investment that you should spend on if you are the type to enjoy the water activities.

The Odyssey dual purpose marine battery 34M-PC1500ST can give you and your company the same amount of quality time you deserve. With its AGM factor, your battery is taken care of in the inside – non- spillable.

It can be easily charged, and can last long hours to power up not only your motor boat but also your electronics inside.

Bottom Line

With it being manufactured by one of the leading global leader for energy solutions, they definitely have the best battery for your trolling motor, so if you need best dual purpose marine battery, can chose the Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST, and it can surely give you more time to enjoy the waters!

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