Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery Cross Reference Chart: How to Choose

What is a flooded battery? In terms of differentiating clauses, people often confuse AGM or flooded batteries to apply in their motorcycle, powersports and ATV. in general, such batteries are common with their construction, for instance, entirely leading with Lead-acid chemicals inserted with electrolytes to maintain your engine with better performance. Not only provides strong currents for an engine quick start but also for good cranking the combustion engines. Apart from varying sizes, whether the battery is too small or midsize, comes with the advantage of zero machine vibration and mechanical maintenance free. Though there are a few cases of battery replacement while changing an alternator.

However, most batteries are sealed and as long as they have no flaw, any of the batteries except for flooded models can give flawless services besides maintaining a good CCA value. Purchasing a new powersport, an ATV, RV, or a motorcycle is common, yet the cross reference chart before purchasing, you can even say the first priority for a prospective user, however, you can find the answer of does a motorcycle charge its battery. We have put in details of each selection process, factors and queries to evolve your mind since there are many models of batteries for each powersport, motorcycle and ATVs are available. 

Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery Cross Reference Chart: How to Choose

Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle battery reference charts if you start to follow, then it would be easy to choose apart from the overwhelming ones. However, we have given a little effort to minimize your hard and soul mismatching aim with our referred chart. Just you need to search out the correct battery brand to support yourself a little more. But no worries. After the comparison chart, there is a soulful detailed section of reviewed models for Powersports, ATV, and motorcycle batteries you can enjoy. 

Battery Type Inches(L x W x H)Millimeters (L x W x H)Volts Capacity Ah* (10hr)Powersport Adventure Power MotoBatt Odyssey 
12N24-37.254.93756.87518412517512 2412N24-3AP12N24-3MBTX30UPC925L

From a wide range of battery types, the standard one will offer a better relief to your big vehicle engine starting. Including that a battery size recommends a perfect match for the engine. Here we go with different battery types. 

Wet/flooded Battery

What is a wet flooded battery? This is a battery available at present mostly in markets and often and comes in a wide shape and size. In terms of the multitude of applications and industry demands, such batteries have lead plates in construction with Sulfuric Acid electrolytes. However, available with separate plate separators, yet the question stops at that moment. 

In general, this battery is not available in the sealed form, and it is not compatible to transfer gasses to liquids. As an alternative, its gasses may be executed externally. Internal gasses generated are capable of extracting into the environment directly unless there is an advanced system. As well as by the path, gasses, acid form and condensation, and steam can be released at ease. 

Leading to maintenance, regular replenishing may cause bad electrolytes through the vent. Lead plates start breaking down easily when it comes to environmental touch, as a result, easy corrosion and failure of batteries can happen. However, as per the price, quality is very good in terms of containing good electrolytes as well as charge in itself to perform longer and smooth. 


Absorbed Glass Matte, in short, AGM which is the greatest form of lead-acid batteries. The construction separated 2 cells as if the plate and wrapper were with rigid fiberglass. It ensures the holding capacity and electrolyte presence with capillary action in its place. Along with 3 parts, for instance, lead plates, electrolytes, and Fiberglass separators create a single physical rigid bond by means of standing for capillary action. 

Similar to the hot water absorption ratio by a towel in the bathtub, capillary action holds the electrolyte and in the confined space which is called Glass Matting makes the battery spill proof. If the packaging is right, not only boasts the internal parts resistance but also makes the border sturdy, in fact, the lower the internal resistance, the higher the output generates. In contrast, it loses empowerment to boast the entire system and decreases charging time. 

More or less, the maintenance of AGM is free and leads to zero acid leakage and no mess while charging. So if you plug in and step aside from the charger, no issues, for instance, bursting or corrosion on surrounding parts will never happen. 

Gel Lead-acid Battery

Mostly similar to AGM batteries with the construction end. One type of jelly-like substance which manufacturers apply is the electrolyte. Such GEL batteries require more maintenance not only to stop exposure but also to high amperage situations. If so does not happen, a SCUR inside the GEL battery may take place which can cause creating a pocket. 

Such pockets lead batteries to corrosion and to premature failure. As a result, there is no fast charging or discharging and no more applications. 

Lithium Battery 

Powersports, ATV and motorcycle batteries, each of the private transport requires well-enough special chargers. Moreover, users are not allowed to use onboard battery chargers. You can ask now what is an onboard charger? An onboard alternator combines with the electrolytes to control the device and engine thoroughly as if designed to keep up drop-in technology replacement. 

The replacement features built-in protection to electrotonic. Remember, the protection also allows the batteries to get charged with lead-acid battery chargers even if the battery is almost dead. In general, such vehicles like RVs and similar vehicles hold those batteries in their construction. 

Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery Cross Reference Analysis and Comparison 

1. Chrome Pro YTX9-BS iGel Replacement Battery

Chrome Pro YTX9-BS iGel
Chemical lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology 
Voltage 12V 
Dimension (H)4.13″ x (L)5.91″ x (W)3.43″
Weight 6.67 pounds 
CCA 120
Terminal type Nut & Bolt (T3)

Fitted brands and models:

  • 2009 Honda Trx 400x;
  • 2006 tex400ex;
  • 2017 Suzuki DR650SE;
  • kawasaki 2005 636r;
  • Kawasaki 250;
  • 1986 honda fourtrax 250cc;
  • 2007 honda trx250 ex;
  • 2014 TaoTao ATM 150cc;
  • aspencade 1993;
  • 2005 cbr1000rr;
  • 2001 kaw zx9;
  •  2006 Honda trx400ex;
  • 2002 zx6r;
  • 2007 CBR600rr. 

What We Liked 

  • Internal quality and external durability;
  • Reliable performance;
  • Vibration resistant;
  • Heavy-duty;
  • Factory activated;
  • User-friendly;
  • Fast rechargeable.


  • Nothing noticeable. 

2. Deka Sports Power ETX-12 Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery

Deka Sports Power ETX-12
Chemical Sealed Lead Acid and absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology 
Voltage 12V
Amperage 10AMP
Dimension 5.88 x 3.44 x 5.13 inches
Weight 20 pounds 
CCA 110 
Terminal type Nut & Bolt (T3)

Fitted brands and models:

  • Yamaha ef3000iseb;
  • 2004 Burgman;
  • Honda ATV;
  • Husqvarna TR650 Terra;
  • 2006 Honda trx400ex;
  • 2002 zx6r;
  • 2007 CBR600rr. 

What We Liked 

  • Maintenance free;
  • No acid leaks;
  • Zero terminal corrosion;
  • Withstands damaging effects;
  • No vibration. 


  • Well enough temperature performance;
  • Expensive. 

3. EverLast CTX14-BS Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery

EverLast CTX14-BS Powersports
Chemical Lead-Acid, AGM
Voltage 12V
Dimension ‎6.75 x 6.5 x 6 inches
Weight 10.71 pounds 
CCA 190 
Terminal type Nut & Bolt (T3)
Amperage 12AMP

Fitted brands and models:

  • 2003, 1100, Shadow Ace;
  • 2002 warrior 350;
  • 2005 polaris 330 magnum 4×4;
  • 1997 Kawasaki Concours;
  • 95 dyna fxdl lowrider;
  • 1997 Yamaha Kodiak 400;
  • 2014 taotao 150;
  • 2005 honda vtx 1300 r;
  • 2013 Honda Ruckus;
  • 95 kawasaki sts;
  • 1975 Honda CB500t;
  • 2015 Harley Street 500. 

What We Liked 

  • Convenient;
  • High density plate;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Zero leakage;
  • Maintain fluid levels;
  • Delivers correct amount of electrolyte;
  • No leftover disposal required. 


  • Found nothing. 

4. Mighty Max YTX9-BS Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery

Mighty Max YTX9-BS Powersports
Chemical Gel cell 
Voltage 12V
Dimension 3x5x4″
Weight 6.72 Pounds
CCA 180 
Terminal type Nut & Bolt

Fitted brands and models:

  • 2004 honda 400ex;
  • 2004 polaris 500 ho sportsman atv;
  • 2006 Kawasaki 636;
  • Honda VLX600;
  •  2006 yamaha vstar1100 Silverado;
  • Honda eu3000 generator;
  • 2004 Suzuki LT 250;
  • 2012 Kawasaki Voyager;
  • 2004 honda 250 ex;
  • 2002 Honda Shadow VLX;
  • 2014 Suzuki Burgman. 

What We Liked 

  • Fits different branded powersports, ATV, RV and motorcycle models;
  • Zero noise;
  • Rigid construction;
  • Gel-cell chemical type in battery;
  • Standard dimension;
  • Well-enough operating temperature;
  • Reliable;
  • Maintenance free. 


  • Not compatible with float chargers.

5. Yuasa YTX12-BS Powersports, ATV, and Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa YTX12-BS Powersports
Chemical Lithium-ion 
Voltage 12V
Dimension 5.91 x 3.43 x 5.12 inches
Weight 9.24 pounds
CCA 120 
Terminal type Nut & Bolt

Fitted brands and models:

  • Yamaha ef3000iseb;
  • 2004 Burgman;
  • Honda ATV;
  • Husqvarna TR650 Terra;
  • 2006 Honda trx400ex;
  • 2002 zx6r;
  • 2007 CBR600rr. 

What We Liked 

  • Durable and efficient;
  • Zero leakage possibility;
  • Extreme temperature operating power;
  • Fresh pack;
  • Maintain fluid levels.


  • Low level of cranking amps;
  • Not compatible with a wide range of brands;
  • Less helpful in terms of construction. 

People Also Asked 

What Do the Numbers on a Motorcycle Battery Mean?

We have analyzed and categorized motorcycle numbers in 4 sections, such as 12V Lead Acid batteries, 6V Lead acid batteries, wet/flooded batteries, gel cell batteries that carry the motorcycle number to find the efficient one at ease. 

12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries 

Battery Reference (YB16AL-A2)Explanation 
YB Manufacturers mark, different manufacturers use different letters
16Indication of performance level of battery (lower numbers equal lower power output)
AIndicates a different size of the same capacity battery
LPolarity location
ALocation of the opening for the venting exhaust
2Type of terminal

6 Volt Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Reference (6N2-2A-4)Explanation 
6Battery voltage
Vented type battery 
2Battery capacity at a 10 hour rate
2Polarity location
Location of the opening for the venting exhaus
8Type of terminal

Wet/Flooded Battery

Battery Reference (YTZ12-S)Explanation 
Manufacturers mark, different manufacturers use different letters
Manufacturers mark, different manufacturers use different letters
High performance battery
12Indication of performance level of battery (lower numbers equal lower power output)
SPolarity location (which way round the terminals go) and configuration

Maintenance Free Batteries  

Battery Reference (YTX12-BS)Explanation 
Manufacturers mark, different manufacturers use different letters
Manufacturers mark, different manufacturers use different letters
High performance battery
12 Indication of performance level of battery (lower numbers equal lower power output)
Type of terminal or supplied with acid bottle
Sealed battery or supplied with acid bottle

What Is the Longest Lasting Motorcycle Battery?

How long do motorcycle batteries last? The accurate answer depends on users’ applications. Often people have questions in mind, for instance, are motorcycle batteries easy to change? In that case, the positive and negative terminals you have to remove and lift out, then insert a new one. If you technically insert in the wrong way, as if not positive then negative, the terminals will not reach. 

As far as we have experienced, Chrome Pro YTX9-BS provides longer and better service as a motorcycle battery. Because of the construction, maintaining lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology is a plus point. 

What Does BS Mean on Battery?

In general, it is noticeable in Yuasa AGM Batteries. This stands for Bottle Supplied or in short, BS to maintain the label of how the battery has been constructed and being shipped out of the factory to the customers. However, whether a FA or Factory Activated form leads to the battery being sealed and filled with electrolytes and how long it can take charge and perform later. 

Though the FA sealed batteries user cannot install and store indefinitely, in case of BS batteries, this is possible. In case of BS labeled batteries, electrolyte gets stored by the manufacturer in a plastic container. As long as the BS batteries remain sealed, filled electrolytes can perform more than 5 years intending with a foil sealing strip without a damage or flaw. 

Wrap Up 

From the above mentioned categories regarding powersports, ATV, and motorcycle batteries is a well-suited to a replacement of dead batteries. However, using a high cranking amps battery compared to a lower one may not be a good choice. 

Even though all batteries, for instance, Gel cell, wet, AGM and other ones hold general lead acid chemical inside. However, all construction leads to the split category for the purpose of applications. We have provided motorcycle, powersports and ATVs battery cross reference charts containing standard size batteries, along with voltage, dimension and polarity. 

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