S L A – DCM0035 Replacement Battery (2022)

The Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) – DCM0035 can power your motor all day long. It enables you to have a hassle free trolling experience. Unlike other wet acid batteries, this battery is spill-proof. It affords you the convenience of rough trolling without worrying about damaging its cells.

The Absorbed Glass Matt technology binds this battery’s cells together while containing the electrolyte to make it spill-proof. That means that you do not need to maintain this battery at all. You simply buy and install it to enjoy it long service. This review will give you everything you need to know about the Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) – DCM0035 marine battery. 

Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) – DCM0035

Sealed Lead Acid – DCM0035
  • It is a sealed battery;
  • ​Nominal voltage is 12 V;
  • ​Output 35AH;
  • ​Absorbed Glass Matt technology;
  • ​Weight is 23.8 pounds but ships at 24 pounds, which includes packaging;
  • ​Product Dimensions 7.7 by 5.2 by 6.3 inches;
  • ​Resistant to vibration and shocks;
  • ​Gas Recombination Technology;

Important Features

This battery is sealed, that means that there is no risk of the electrolyte spilling as you are trolling all day. A sealed battery cannot be opened to view the internal components of the battery.

The battery has a nominal voltage of 12 Volts. This is the normal operating voltage that the battery will supply your equipment. The manufacturer achieves this voltage by creating six cells, each having 2 volts, then connecting them in series..

This battery has an output of 35AH. This is the duration and current output of the battery in hours and amperes. At 35 AH, it will supply 35 amperes continuously for a full hour. If the trolling motor is rated at 14A, it will be able to run for over two hours while being powered by a single battery.

An absorbed glass matt is a special technology that allows soaks up the electrolyte and binds itself to the cell plates. When combines with a sealed enclosure, they make the battery spill proof, as well as vibration proof.

The recombination technology is a process that lets the oxygen and hydrogen gasses to recombine. When the gasses recombine, each cell is able to maintain its electrolyte gravity. No distilled water needs to be added service the cells.

Features and Benefits

This is a maintenance free battery. You do not need to invest in distilled water or constantly keep watch on the level of its electrolyte. You also do not need to use it in a well ventilated environment. The gasses are recombined continuously to make sure the battery’s electrolyte is recycled.

The risk of spillage is also eliminated in this battery. Being sealed means not only can you tilt it without spilling the electrolyte, but there is no risk of an explosion due to leaked gasses. The special sealing effect is created by thermally bonding the case to the covers.

It is made with a special low-calcium grid alloy. It is that alloy that promotes 99% oxygen and hydrogen recombination rate. This technology is one of the reasons that this battery will last longer than most lead acid batteries. You will therefore get a full return on your investment and a big bonus as well.

The battery features the best Absorbed Glass Matt technology. This technology contributes to the free maintenance as well as the safety features of these batteries. It also makes this battery vibration resistant and shock proof as well. You can safely use this battery to power your trolling boat without fear of vibrations and shocks damaging your marine battery.

It is rated 35AH at a 20 hour rate. You can use it continuously for 20 hours if the discharge rate is 35 amperes or less. What that mean is a guarantee of a whole night of trolling without the need to go back and recharges. If you have several of these batteries, the no matter how big your motor is, you will be able to match their power needs.

For safety and release of the one percent gas that might be generated during high performance, this battery features a one way release valve.

What we liked

  • This battery is affordable;
  • It features removable handles;
  • The battery is maintenance free;
  • It is a dual purpose battery;
  • Has a flame-arresting capability;
  • It is shock and vibration proof;
  • Features the Absorbed Glass Matt technology;

What we didn’t like

  • It is slightly heavier;
  • It does not operate well in extremely cold temperatures;


Does this battery ship by air?

Yes, you can order this battery via air transport. You can also get it by road or sea. It is possible to get it through all the three modes of transport because it is sealed and spill proof.

Is this battery lighter than Lithium Ion Batteries?

No it is slightly heavy. However, it is lighter than conventional lead acid batteries.

Do I need to top up the cells with distilled water?

This battery features a cell recombination technology. You do not need to top it up with distilled water. That option is also not provided for since it is sealed.

Insider Tip

Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Battery – DCM0035 has an ampere-hour rating of 35AH for a 20 hour discharge period. To take advantage of that rating, it is best to use a motor rated 35A or less. A motor that draws more voltage is good option as it will draw less amperes. However, you will need to have about four batteries t increase the voltage to 48V trade the voltage in exchange for a smaller current. Then connect the batteries in series.


This battery is maintenance free and can provide you with 35A for 20 straight hours. You can use it without worrying about vibrations and shocks from your trolling motor. It can discharge for up to 80% of its total capacity without the voltage dropping below 10.5Volts.


There are many batteries that can serve as deep cycle battery for boat motor. This battery however can also serve as your RV’s best battery for powering on-board equipment. This is because it a deep cycle battery that discharges small current for a very long time without the danger of the cells being damaged. Take advantage of its budget price to enjoy its many benefits. 

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