SR41 and LR41 Battery Equivalents and Replacements Solution

Sr41 and lr41, 2 common batteries, their equivalents and replacements solutions are easy to purchase from the ground level to top markets. However, it was introduced to the common people in 1965 by the well-established Ray-O-Vac, while at that time, a great replacement for bigger batteries for small or large devices. Because the battery standard reached the industry base and is still now capable of corresponding to the close labeled numbers to become a perfect replacement, for instance, AG3, 384, 392, and so on. 

The lr41 battery is eligible to replace a 392/384 and 377. Though SR41 and LR41 batteries provide almost similar features, SR41 is less free while encountering the can I trickle charge a battery without disconnecting it. To raise persistent knowledge and to enjoy any device with either SR41 or LR41 battery, we have poured our team effort to make you concerned more before spending extensively your worthy bucks. Let’s have a tour in depth of SR41 and LR41 battery equivalents and replacements solution-related blogpost. 

LR41 Battery Dimensions and Features 

Are you searching for an lr41 battery for small purposes, for instance, fixing inside toys, glucometer, and calculator? Well, including 7.9mm depth and 3.6mm height lr41 battery comes with a full discharging rate not only to support your device engine but also for a complete nominal storage capacity ranging between 25mAh to 32 mAh to fulfill the monologue of users. In general, lr41 batteries are often available in Alkaline chemistry out of the manufacturer’s factory, yet a few are available for heavy-purpose in Silver-Oxide or Zinc-Air material. It will be a device drop before shutting off is possible at 1.2V or 0.9V. 

Speaking of the LR41 battery, this is quite heavier yet both SR41 and LR41 are the smallest battery. Most of the LR labeled batteries are made of Alkaline which is often better for mid-sized devices like digital thermometers and BP machines. If the thermometer ensures LOW or LO, then a threshold temperature user may see. However, this may be considered by the users that the battery is dead, yet the battery is not so and thermometers manual checking should be the first priority. 

SR41 Battery Dimensions and Features 

The counter answer to the question of what is an SR41 battery? One of the most significant batteries for small electrical accessories is the SR41 battery. Features a small round single cell, as well as being popular with 3V button-top alkaline battery. Such a great replacement for the carbon-zinc button cell which consists of 2% AA size. 

Why and how can it replace a carbon-zinc model? Well, the eligibility to prolong an engine life of small accessories contained in this battery with double size rather than a carbon-zinc cell, in fact, the exclusive use of Alkaline you can enjoy throughout the utilization of an SR41 battery. This is a primary solution and if you want an exchange with zinc/zinc chloride monotransistorbutton cells in a wide range of applications. 

The physical dimension of an SR battery is capable of reaching by the manufacturers in several chemistries, for instance, (D x H) 7.9 x 3.6 mm (0.311 x 0.142 inches). There is a basic form of SR41 batteries with high energy density, yet requires high charging conditions including voltage limits and temperature ranges. 

Applications of the several batteries mostly depend on drainage and a cut-off voltage of the gadget, however, a completely dead battery you can recharge. As long as the battery is stronger the current yet the lower the battery capacity will be day by day. 

LR41 Battery Dimensions and Features 

LR41 batteries are very popular batteries, often used, for example, as digital thermometer batteries. If the thermometer says ‘LO’ or ‘LOW’ that means that the measured temperature is below a certain threshold, not that the battery is (almost) dead – just to be sure, always check the thermometer’s manual!

Speaking of the LR41 battery, this is quite heavier yet both SR41 and LR41 are the smallest battery. Most of the LR labeled batteries are made of Alkaline which is often better for mid-sized devices like digital thermometers and BP machines. If the thermometer ensures LOW or LO, then a threshold temperature user may see. However, this may be considered by the users that the battery is dead, yet the battery is not so and thermometers manual checking should be the first priority. 

General Comparative Analysis of Silver-Oxide, Alkaline, and Zinc-Air Battery 

Chemistry Silver-Oxide Alkaline Zinc Air 
Typical labels SR41, SR736, SR736PW, SR736SW, SG3, AG3, 192, 384, 392LR41, LR736, AG3312, ZA312, Brown Tab, PR41, 7002ZD
Typical capacity 38-45 mAh25-32 (45) mAh~180 mAh
Nominal Voltage 1.55V1.5V1.4 – 1.45V
Cut-off voltage 1.2 V 1 V 1.1 V 
Notes Very constant voltageVoltage drops over timeSlightly lower voltage, yet large capacity andmostly popular for hearing aid batteries


Not only the label is used for SR41, but also SR736, SR736PW, SR736SW, SG3, AG3, 192, 384, 392, and similarly designed batteries with capacity. However, the dimension cannot be less than 7.9 x 3.6 mm which is identical rather than other material complying batteries. It features a nominal capacity range between 38 to 45 mAh and nominal voltage leads to 1.55.

The output voltage is rather stable than an Alkaline battery whereas the cut-off voltage relies mostly on the device power where we took it into account as 1.2V. Yet this material made SR41 battery we have experienced a little bit of voltage dropper while exceeding ~1.25 volts sharply. 

In terms of talking about the points where we have applied this battery, mostly the construction with low-drain batteries are for hand watches, and similar small devices because it has a low current offer. In contrast, the high-drain featuring ones often carry out the high current for periodical big devices. However, rather than LR41 Batteries, an SR41 with Silver-oxide chemistry in construction is much more reliable and less expensive. 


7.9 x 3.6 mm dimension intends to support LR41 batteries, as well as similar batteries of LR group such as LR736, AG3 is common in use. In terms of nominal voltage and capacity respectively features with 1,5V and ranging between 25-32 mAh though some manufacturers often claim the batteries with a larger capacity to apply for other purposes. 

However, we have experienced drained batteries using lower currents with the models’ certain capacity. On the other hand, the cut-off voltage is adapted to a maximum of 1V yet often simple devices can operate if the battery reaches 0.8V at once. 

If you are executing long-time services from the LR41 with Alkaline in construction, the support entirely comes from the temperature and storage. As best as we can say, keeping the temperature below 68-77°F (20-25°C) is the smartest idea to get the services properly. 


Apart from the above-mentioned 2 battery chemistry types, Zinc-Air mixed devices offer a real larger capacity which reaches around 180mAh. However, the 1.45V nominal voltage has a short decrease if the battery drainage raises and crosses up to 1.2V sharply. 

Brown tab Zinc-air, we intended to use it in hearing aid batteries because while we tried to remove the battery tab, oxygen entered inside and started the machine. This chemistry is common to ZA312, 312, PR41, 7002ZD, and more. As far as we have tested, zinc-air batteries encountered wet/moist electrolytes. However, after removing the tab, the operating time of the battery remains more than 2 weeks. 

SR41 and LR41 Battery Equivalents and Replacements Solution

1. Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain LR41 Batteries

Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain LR41 Batteries

Our first pick is the popular LR41 solution from Energizer which not only helped our engine from servicing longer but also gave a quick start to evaluate the jobs properly. The material mixing technology of the manufacturer makes it the best and lets it energize the engine of small devices. In particular, a wide range of performance separators also contribute to gradually developing the storage capacity.  

Pros Cons 
High energy densityNothing noticeable 
Multi-drain capacity
Huge storage 
High-performance separator 
Unique sealing structure 
Excellent leakage resistance 
Constant voltage output 

2. Maxell LR41 AG3 192 30 Batteries

Maxell LR41 AG3 192 30 Batteries

We are not sure if it is a replacement for SR41 or not, yet it is adjustable with LR41 and L736H. Fortunately, we found it in the shop while other models like Duracell are popular at present. However, its heavy leakage resistance makes it stand out from the common crowd and we purchase and label the match to ensure how the battery can make a device better. Since the battery we cannot charge as if the battery cells are too small, we need not replace the battery. 

Pros Cons 
Heavy leakage resistance Expensive 
High energy density 
Constant voltage output 
Multi drainage capacity 

3. Loopacell LR41 Battery 

Loopacell LR41 Battery

This is one of the factory-fresh LR41 batteries that we have experienced recently. Well enough to suit your devices, for instance, toys, watches, clocks, remotes, digital cameras, PDAs, calculators, and more electronic products. It has Alkaline to maximize your engine and service life worth your bucks. 

Even the performance works at half of the price while others’ purpose is little, yet we are not offending other SR41 and LR41 battery qualities. 

Pros Cons 
No voltage output Battery drainage is confusing 
Unique sealing structure Expensive 
High-performance separator 

4. Skoanbe SR41 Button Coin Cell Battery

Skoanbe SR41 Button Coin Cell Battery

The brand reputation is higher as well as the price is not, however, the Skobane is presenting all SR labeled compatible batteries also with LR labeled ones. However, the battery is quite good for safe, non-polluting and heavy drainage leakage resistance. It has un-built strength, yet we had to miss a man of insight. 

Pros Cons 
Affordable Found nothing 
Excellent performance 
Safe and non-polluting structure 

5. GloFX Thermometer SR41 Battery 

GloFX Thermometer SR41 Battery

Gives an LO warning to the thermometer and in terms of the temperature dropping and keeping in the good limit, an SR41 battery is also compatible with different labeled batteries, for instance, AG3, GP192, 392 and more. 

For proper storage, it requires an ultimate short-listed process, for instance, never use it in non-labeled and low-performing batteries, including no alternative installation into Zinc-air or Silver-Oxide batteries. 

Pros Cons 
Single time reusability 
Rigid battery structure May rip from a bigger group 
No alternative to other batteries 
Best for thermometer purpose 

SR41 and LR41 Battery Comparison Chart 

Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain LR41 BatteriesMaxell LR41 AG3 192 30 BatteriesLoopacell LR41 BatterySkoanbe SR41 Button Coin Cell BatteryGloFX Thermometer SR41 Battery
Nominal voltage 1.2 V 1.1 V1.2V1.1V1.1V
Nominal capacity (mAh)3532293840
Cut-off voltage 
Discharge current 70.6μA @1.55V 22kΩ @20°C68μA @1.50V 22kΩ @21°C68μA @1.50V 22kΩ @21°C
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C0°C to +60°C -10°C to +60°C0°C to +60°C0°C to +50°C

People Also Asked for SR41 and LR41 Battery

People have many queries while doing research for purchasing SR41 and LR41 batteries, especially intending to install small devices like blood pressure measurement machines, baby toys and more. We have also faced such questions while choosing from the overwhelming listing available in the market. Therefore, we have taken into account those questions from google to verify your interest and knowledge.  

What Energizer Battery Can Replace LR41?

Duracell and Maxwell have similar characteristics to continue to fit into the 18650 size group. Both of the manufacturers listing of materials which consist inside the batteries are quite common and heavy-duty, for instance, Alkaline is heavier to support all battery lead and structure to maintain the heavy leakage not to make engine useless.

While a battery of 18650 counts cells, for instance, there are 3 around 1860 cells in Lithium-ion which is much more rigid than any other materials. If the user needs a battery of the same size for something like we needed in the headlamp and digital pressure machine, Lithium-ion based and Silver-Oxide and Alkaline-based are the finest ones. As per the real-life situations, and in need of SR41 and LR41 battery equivalents and replacement solutions, each battery is not expensive.   

What Duracell Battery is Equivalent to LR41?

Though most of the LR41 batteries need Alkaline chemistry included materials inside, Duracell 384/389 is a great equivalent to LR41 battery with Silver-Oxide in its construction. The battery model of Duracell is long-lasting, favorable to other LR and SR labeled batteries. Moreover, capable of empowering your different useful medical devices, as well as remote, digital cameras, watches, and baby toys. 

However, Duracell Silver coin always comes with triple corrosion which gives the entire layer by layer anti-rusting long-term usage capacity. Its diameter is also equivalent to LR41 as if 0.25 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches is close enough to replace an LR41 battery at ease. 

Is the LR41 Battery the Same as 377?

According to the manufacturers’ manuals, and our experience with different lr41 which are mentioned above is the perfect solution or replacement for your other labeled batteries. However, people often ask if they can use a 377 instead of an lr41 battery? Our answer is this is commonly interchangeable with the LR41 battery as the lr41 is interchangeable with sr41. 

Though 377 is not a multi-drain battery, yet the possibility in terms of discharging rate and nominal storage capacity are both common to use. However, we prefer 377A for some certain electronics subjected to good electrolytes. Entirely it comes with circular Silver-Oxide with 1.55 maximum cut-off energy. 

Is Energizer 392/384 the Same as LR41?

Speaking of the Energizer 392/384 specifications, we prefer to analyze from a given chart full of its technical specifications. 

Capacity 35mAh
Type Silver-Oxide 
Dimension 7.9 x 3.6 mm
Cut-off Voltage 1.1V
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C

Whether it is the popular Duracell or an Energizer 392/384, its containing entire material supports it to be the long-lasting performer and let us install in medical devices, toys, calculator, and other small or mid-sized gadgets for our daily purposes. From the overall aspects, we ensure the similarity between Energizer 392/384 and LR41 battery.  

Wrap Up 

The entire blog post is about SR41 and LR41 battery equivalents and replacements solution, in fact, overall interchangeable solutions are you can extensively use in different applications, for instance, electronic thermometer, glucometer, personal device, remote and more. Not only because the models can produce high current but also the higher the capacity being produced at a lower voltage.

Still, the performance we have tested is much more than they need for change at least 2-3 years. Moreover, all of the mentioned models are industry-standard thereafter. For our prospective users, we let them pick from our well-informed SR41 and LR41 battery equivalents along with FAQs that you Google for. 

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