SR721SW Batteries Equivalents and Replacements

Applying an inappropriate battery is harmful to your devices. It is better to choose similar ones. For this reason, you have to understand battery equivalent & replacement. 

However, SR721SW batteries are extremely well done due to being available in several chemistries and manufactured by practically renowned battery brands. These non-rechargeable button/coin cell batteries are used for various electronic devices expecting a reliable source of power. 

sr721sw battery equivalent

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What is the SR721SW Battery? 

SR721SW battery is also known as 362 battery. This is one of the popular non-rechargeable button or coin cell batteries. SR721SW/362 is portable and used in several compact devices including calculators, wristwatches, credit card size devices, remote controllers, medical instruments, and more. This silver-oxide battery has a great tolerance to pulse currents, high shelf life & capacity, and good operating temperature. 

The long shelf life is ideal due to its superior storage capacity. The SR721SW also offers a multi-drain technology that integrates the benefits of the high drain as well as low drain systems. But, if you turn on the cheaper brands, you don’t get more benefits. 

Interestingly, the 362 allows you to replace it with a 361 battery. This replacement does not pose any risk of damage because both are compatible with each other. 

Ultimately, SR721SW batteries are equivalents and replacements to the SR721, SR721W, SR721PW, SR58, 162, 361, 362, SG11, AG11, D361/D362, and others. 

SR721SW Battery Features And Specifications 

The common features of the SR721SW batteries are diameter 7.9 millimeters, height  2.1 millimeters so physical dimensions of 7.9 x 2.1 mm (~0.3110 x 0.0826 inches). The CR1620 battery has a relatively similar height like 2.0 mm but a diameter of 16.0 larger than SR721SW. 

But, the largest button/coin cell battery is the CR2477 battery which features physical dimensions of 24 mm × 7.7 mm. 

The nominal voltage and cut-off voltages of the SR721SW are 1.55 Volts and 1.2 Volts. Though the nominal capacity of the SR721SW batteries depends on the battery age, drain current, and temperature, the average capacity is perhaps 25 to 30 mAh. 

Other features are also important to justify the SR721SW/362 batteries. Some models offer from 0°C to +60°C operating temperature and some are wider range. Depending on the brands, the self-discharge rate can be changed from 5 to 10%. 

Cross Reference Chart

To get a quick comparison, a cross-reference chart is so helpful. I mention here some famous SR721SW or silver-oxide batteries which have physical dimensions of 7.9×2.1mm. Important specifications and features are also included. 

Name of Battery Typical Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge RateDischarge Current
Renata 36124 mAh 34k8Ω down to 1.2V @20°C-10°C to +60°C<10% @20°C44.5 μA, 34k8Ω @20°C
Duracell D361/D36224 mAh47 kΩ down to 1.2V @20°C0°C to +60°C<10% @20°C44.5 μA, 34k8Ω @20°C
Murata SR721    29 mAh, 30 kΩ down to 1.2V @23°C    -10°C to +60°C     50 μA, 30 kΩ @23°C
Renata 36223 mAh, 34k8Ω down to 0.9V @20°C-10°C to +60°C<5% @20°C45 μA, 34k8Ω @20°C

What Battery Is Equivalent to SR721SW?

362 Battery is a direct replacement for SR721SW or 362 battery is direct equivalent & replacement to the AG11, AG-11, SR58, SR721, SB-AK/DK, 280-29, S, V362, D362, 601, S721E, GP362, 362, E362, SG11, 362A, SR720, 362X, 362/361, RW310, L721, LR721, SB-AK, batteries. 

These replacements are used interchangeably but sometimes you find a little bit different.

  • SR721 battery features physical dimensions 7.9×2.1 mm with a common-purpose silver-oxide battery. 
  • SR721P battery features physical dimensions 7.9×2.1mm and a silver-oxide battery with potassium hydroxide electrolyte.
  • SR721S is a 7.9×2.1 mm silver-oxide battery with sodium hydroxide electrolyte.
  • SR721W is a silver-oxide 7.9×2.1 mm battery made especially for watches. Keep in mind, SR721SW is also a silver-oxide battery with sodium hydroxide electrolytes, planned for watches.

Note: Silver-oxide batteries can be low-discharge and high-discharge SR721/SR721SW batteries and labeled as 362 or 361 batteries. Some manufacturers require multi-drain SR721/SR721SW (361/362) batteries.

SR721SW Battery Safety Issues

Recent button/coin cell batteries are not made from using any heavy element. The SR721SW or 362 batteries have no including cadmium, lead, mercury, and similar elements. Even though they are environment friendly. Once these batteries die. But, save at that time. 

So, there is no confusion and no problem when you use SR721SW/362 batteries in any device. They are completely safe for your kids and pets. Accidentally, if you face any danger, you have to contact the emergency center. It’s better than taking your battery separate from kids. 

FAQs of the SR721SW Batteries 

1. Are 361 and 362 Batteries the Same?

Yes, silver-oxide 361and 362 batteries are interchangeable and the dimensions of 7.9mm (diameter) x 2.1mm (height). These batteries are also known as AG11, SR721W,  SR58W, RW410, D361, D362, 28053, SB-BK, SR721SW, SR58, RW310, V362(532), 28029, SB-AK watch batteries.

2. What are SR721SW Batteries Used for? 

The SR721SW or 361/362 battery is a high drain and medium-capacity cell battery. It is commonly used in watches with extra functions like calculators and other small electronic devices. 

Wrapping Up 

Finally, SR721SW batteries are silver-oxide non-rechargeable button or coin cell batteries. The multi-drain batteries are perfect for use in several devices due to their good capacity, stable output voltage, low self-discharge rate, or more benefits. Suitable for your small or portable device.

Anyway, I have already provided you with a lot of info about SR721SW battery features, popular bar, and replacements and equivalents.

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