How to Use Power Bank for the First Time

Don’t you want to know about the charging information of different power banks? We have here the information and other instruction here about how you can use a power bank for the first time. So, read this guide properly.

What Is Power Bank?

A power bank is a portable compact device which we use to charge our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches or other gadgets. There are various kinds of power bank with various capacity of power. The 2 common power banks are 18650 and Li-Polymer power banks. The 18650 power bank is cheaper. It is nor durable and become overheated and does not last longer. The Li-Polymer is better. It is long lasting, safe, no overheating problem, no short-circuit problem. It has a large capacity too.

how to use power bank for the first time

How to Use Power Bank for the First Time

We all have smart devices. But the main problem of a smart phone or a smart device is “Charge/ Power.” Smart devices run a lot of applications at a time. So, it needs to use lot of power. That’s why we need a backup power badly when we’re outside of home in order to any kind of works or travels. But it’s a common question that how to use a power bank for the first time. For this purpose, we’re here to discuss about it, so you can completely come out of the doubt.

How To Use Power Bank For The First Time

Charge the Power Bank

Yes, first of all after buying a power bank, the one and only work is to charge the power bank properly before us it. You can follow the instruction below to charge your power bank for the first time. It is better to charge your device 10% longer than the duration given below.

Different power bank has different capacity and they need to be charged for different time. Usually the power banks need first charging times as follows-

500 mAh- 1000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 1.0 hour

1500 mAh- 2000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 2.5 hours

2500 mAh- 3000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 3.0 hours

3500 mAh- 4000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 4.0 hours

4500 mAh- 5000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 5.0 hours

5500 mAh- 6000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 6.0 hours

6500 mAh- 7000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 7.0 hours

7500 mAh- 8000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 8.0 hours

8500 mAh- 9000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 9.0 hours

9500 mAh- 10000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 10 hours

10500 mAh- 11000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 11 hours

11500 mAh- 12000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 12 hours

12500 mAh- 13000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 13 hours

13500 mAh- 14000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 14 hours

14500 mAh- 15000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 15 hours

15500 mAh- 16000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 16 hours

16500 mAh- 17000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 17 hours

17500 mAh- 18000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 18 hours

18500 mAh- 19000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 19 hours

19500 mAh-20000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 20 hours

20500 mAh- above bank’s charging duration: 24 hours

The charging time can be varying. Please make sure that you have carefully read the user manual. But always charge a little bit longer than the time mentioned in the manual. You may charge 10% longer.

Check the Indicators

Check the Indicators

Generally, power banks have 4 light indicators that indicate the current charge level of the power bank. The 1st one indicates 25% power, 2nd one indicates 50% power, 3rd one indicates 75% power but the 4th one indicates 95% of power. Basically, you can’t use 100% of power. The power banks usually allow you to use 95% of total power capacity. Check the indicators carefully for your remaining power bank’s charge.

Recharge Your Power Bank

It’s better to charge your power bank again when the indicators shows 25% or lower power. It’s not compulsory, but if you maintain, then your power banks can last long. Some people say that charge it when it becomes empty. But believe me, it better to recharge the power bank when it has a small power remaining.

Make sure that you use the charging cable that provided with the power bank.

Charge Your Devices & Enjoy

Charge Your Devices & Enjoy

After charging your power bank completely for the first time, it ready to use. You can then use it continuously until the power remains. You can charge all of your devices when you don’t have electricity or you’re out of home. It’s really an awesome device.

You now know how you can use your favorite and useful power bank for the first time. so, follow the instruction and use it happily. Enjoy.

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