What is Required for a 24 Volt Trolling System

If trolling motor is a modern PC controlled brushless engine, you will probably explode the PC circuits in a flash when the too-high voltage is connected.

On the off chance that it’s a straightforward antiquated commutated DC engine with brushes, it will probably acknowledge the higher voltage and at any rate, keep running for a brief period utilizing it.

In any case, the farthest point on running a commutated DC engine with the high voltage is heat dispersal of the attractive field curls. The engine was intended for 12 volts and was intended to scatter the warmth from 12-volt power.

At the point when kept running at 24 volts the curls will warm up a lot quicker than at 12 volts, and the engine won’t almost certainly discharge the warmth rapidly enough.

In the event that you had some approach to slam packed cooling air through the engine, it could presumably keep running on 24 volts trolling constantly, and the quick-moving air would divert the warmth, however, since it is a submersible engine this is probably going to be outlandish for you to oversee.

what is required for a 24 volt trolling system

Similar to Flashlight Batteries

At least 2 or more 12 volt profound cycle batteries together need not be scaring. First: stop to think – you are accustomed to associating at least 2 standard AA, AAA, C or D dry cell batteries together in an arrangement for an electric lamp for instance. A few spotlights will hold 4-6 “D” cells start to finish. This implies the (+) end contacts the (- ) end of the following battery. Every battery = 1.5 volts. An electric lamp that holds 6 “D” cells conveys capacity to the light wellspring of 9 volts: you include the volts together in this “Arrangement” application. On the off chance that you accidentally short a cell out by coincidentally accomplishing something that makes the positive end contact its negative end there, for the most part, are no firecrackers with these little, electric lamp batteries. That is one major distinction with 12 volt auto or marine batteries – contacting a (+) to a (- ) of a similar battery can cause sparkles! Be careful.

24 Volt Battery – Series Connection

Utilizing a similar arrangement process utilized with numerous battery spotlights, you can interface two 12 volt profound cycle batteries together so as to make basically a 24-volt battery, that can control a 24 volt extra – like a trolling engine. Profound cycle batteries are utilized in this application since they are intended to convey control after some time, dissimilar to a run of the mill starter battery which is made to convey a power shock for beginning an engine. Following is a graph of how to make a 24 volt battery:

24 Volt Battery - Series Connection

What Size Wire?

You have to utilize heavier wire than while associating radios, live well siphons, or profundity discoverers to the battery. Note the wires that keep running from the battery to the starter of your motor. Or on the other hand, note the wire that falls off your trolling engine. You should coordinate that measure as near conceivable. It will probably be 6-8 measure. 

By utilizing this equivalent grouping you can set up a 36 volt framework. On freshwater angling vessels, the most widely recognized use for either a 24 or 36 volt battery framework is to control a trolling engine. Harm can jump out at your trolling engine in the event that you endeavor to interface 36 volts and your engine is evaluated for 24 volts. Peruse guidelines cautiously.

12 Volt Parallel Connection

There might be times that you need the control that keeps going longer, yet needs to keep up the conveyance of just 12 volts. For instance on bigger vessels, with different electrical gadgets requesting power in the meantime you will see 2 if not increasingly profound cycle batteries associated together. You can achieve this by “Parallel Connecting” at least two 12 volt batteries. This application is likewise regularly found in RVs. Following is an outline of how this may be finished:

12 Volt Parallel Connection


To stay away from shorts, it’s dependably a smart thought to keep the positive terminals secured with defensive shields or appropriate electrical tape to keep them from interacting with stray wiring, metal articles or other battery associations.

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