What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need for My Boat

A high quality trolling motor is essential for your boat if you love fishing or boating. Though you can ride the boat without a trolling motor. But if you want to get better thrilling experience and want to do more fun using the boat on the water then you should use trolling motor. By using it, your boat will be faster and even it can go much fast when its strong wind in the water area. But this is not like that you will go and pick a motor for your boat. A trolling motor is expensive, and not only that you have to pick the right one for your boat if you want to get a better result and longer lasting motor. Let come to the topic, as the topic of this article is about the size of the motor then we are going to discuss it below.

how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boats

First of all, you have to decide the size of the trolling motor by considering few things. How fast the boat will go depends on the trolling motor. A bigger motor is power full but it doesn’t mean that if you choose a much bigger trolling motor the boat will be faster.

At this point, you have to think about the thrust of the trolling motor. But if you choose a motor that has higher pound thrust will not give you much speed, the higher thrust motor is suitable for heavy boat and this will cost you much money and the battery charge. So it will be best if you choose a mid level thrust motor(30-pound thrust motor as an instance) will be much better, cost savior, and you will get better speed also.

Another important thing is the shaft length of the trolling motor. You have to determine optimal length shaft for your boat. You can measure it by measuring the distance of the deck to where the shaft will be mounted. Then by adding 16 or 20, you can get the measurement. To let you know, the standard shaft length is 42 inches. Longer shaft is recommended for the rough water area.

So we saw few things that you should keep in mind to get the appropriate size motor for your boat. If your boat is much large then you should go with a bigger trolling motor. Choosing the right size of the motor is very important for a boat owner. The motor will not run with air, it needs the power that you have to store on the battery. So all things you have to do by thinking properly.


Hope now you know much about the trolling motor and you how can you decide the size of the trolling motor for your boat. You should be aware of the thrust of the trolling motor before you choose one for your boat. The quality, corrosion resistance etc are important for a motor. So make your choice by doing proper research.

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