What to Know When Buying a Trolling Motor

Trolling motor is the most important part of a powerboat. Whether you have a cruising boat or fishing boat you will need a trolling motor to propel the boat. If this is your first time of choosing a boat or replacing your old trolling motor with a new one then you have to know some factors that are so important for choosing a trolling motor. Without a good trolling motor, you can’t have the great experience of power boating. So, here I am going to tell those factors that should be look up while Choosing trolling motor for a boat.

how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boats

Trolling Motor for Saltwater and Freshwater

Generally, we don’t use a freshwater boat in the salt water. Boats are made differently for using in these two water condition. Same for the trolling motor, a trolling motor that is made to use in freshwater boat can’t handle the harsh of salt water. Saltwater trolling motor has some motor safety that is required to protect the motor parts from saltwater damage.

For extra protection facilities, saltwater trolling motors are expensive than freshwater trolling motor. But if you use freshwater trolling motor in the salt water then it will not last long. So, it would be better to spend some extra money and buy the saltwater trolling motor for saltwater boating.

Thrust Power:

The most important part of a trolling motor is the thrust. You can’t propel your boat without the proper thrust power that actually needs to your boat. The thrust power of a trolling motor usually measures in the pound.

Generally, the actual thrust power of a motor depends on the size of the boat. If we want to know what is the perfect thrust power that our boat need then we have to calculate the boat’s weight. For calculating the thrust pound use the total weight of the boat including on boat stuff and persons. Then divide the total weight of the boat by 200 pounds. We are using the number 200 because for every 200 pounds of weight we will need 5 pounds of thrust power. After dividing the total weight by 200 pounds multiply it by 5. For better understanding do this way 1500/200*5= 37.5 pounds. Therefore, for a total 1500 pounds weight boat we will need the thrush power that can propel the boat in 37.5 pounds.

So, here is the clear measurement of the thrust pound that we can use according to our boat’s weight. If your boat’s weight is more then you have to choose the bigger size trolling motor that has more thrust power.

Trolling Motor Battery Size:

If you are buying a trolling motor then you have to buy it considering the size and voltage of the trolling motor battery. You can’t use a 12-volt battery for a trolling motor that is made for the 24-volt battery. Though you can use two 12-volt battery complying with one 24-volt group size. But you can’t use a 12-volt battery with a 24-volt battery for your trolling motor. So, if you are replacing a trolling motor then look into the battery power and by the motor according to the battery requirement.

Trolling Motor Mount:

There are two options available for mounting a trolling motor. These are transom and bow. If you want use transom-mounted trolling motor then you have to set up the mount in the front of the boat. And if you want to use Bow mounted trolling motor then you have to install the trolling motor on the back side of the boat.

Mounting a trolling motor also depend on the boat designs. If your boat allows to transom mounting then you can’t use the other mounting options. The same for will be applied to other mounting options.

Shaft Length:

The shaft length of the trolling motor depends on the size of the boat. If you have a longer boat then you will need a longer shaft but if you have a shorter boat then you will need a shorter size shaft. You don’t need to think about shaft length if you are using an engine mount trolling motor. But for bow mount and transom mount lower the shaft under the water to 15 to 19 inches. Otherwise, it will not propel the boat smoothly and will make propeller noise. This noise is so unlucky if you are fishing.

So, consider these above factors before buying a trolling motor for your boat. whether you replace the motor or buy a new one makes sure your trolling motor is perfect for your boat. Without the perfect trolling motor, you can’t operate the boat smoothly

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