What to Look for When Buying a Trolling Motor Battery

The battery is the most important part of your boat if you operate your boat using a trolling motor. Generally, boat owners and manufacturers use the marine battery to use in the trolling motor. These marine batteries are specially made for the boat. You can’t use a general RV battery for your trolling motor for the purpose of deep cycling. Though you can use an RV starter battery for your trolling motor for cranking the boat only.

So, if your boat needs to replace the old marine battery with a new one then it might be difficult for you to choose the right battery. Choosing the right trolling motor battery depends on some factors. If you don’t look into these batteries choosing factors then probably you are going to create a mess-up between your trolling motor and the marine battery. So, follow these buying guide before you purchase your marine battery.

what to look for when buying a trolling motor battery

Purpose of the Battery

Most important thing to choose the marine batteries for your trolling motor is to decide the purpose of using the batteries. All batteries are not made for the same purposes. You can’t use a starter battery for deep cycling the motor and vice versa. If you don’t want to use any appliances on the boat then you don’t need to use a deep cycle battery. A starter battery would be the right choice for your trolling motor.

The Size of the Trolling Motor

Generally, manufactures use the trolling motor on the boat based on the size and weight of the boat. If you are using a larger boat then you have a large size trolling motor. so, it does make sense that larger size trolling motor requires the high efficient battery. For instance, if your boat’s weight is 3000lb then you will need a trolling motor that has more than 60lbs of thrust. And this thrust rate determines the size of the battery you will need for your trolling motor.

Normally, a trolling motor that has a thrust rate more than 60lbs requires a 24-volt group set of marine batteries. And most importantly you can use 12 volts and 24 volts in one group set. You can create a 24-volt group set complying with a 12-volt battery. But you can’t use a single 12-volt group set with a 24-volt group set.

Charge and Discharge Rate

charge and discharge rate of the battery means the total time that the battery needs to get the full charge and the amount of time between which the battery drains its full charge. To calculate the battery charging rates and discharge rate you can simply go online.  You will find many web-based marine battery charge rate calculators.

Another way to calculate the charge rate is to find out the amp hour of the trolling motor. Then divide the amp hours of the trolling motor by the amp hours of the battery. The number you get from the calculation is the total hour that your battery needs to get fully charged.

The discharge rate of the battery usually depends on the uses of the boat appliances. Normally when we buy our marine battery we measure the size of the battery using the KW power needed by the boat appliances. So, for choosing a deep cycle battery you should consider the power consumption of the boat appliances.

The Durability of the Battery

If your battery is not durable for longer use then you have totally wasted your money. To see how durable the battery is and the performance year look one manufacturing date. Normally a high-quality marine battery such a Lithium-ion will last up to 10 years. Wet cell battery will last for 2 to 3 years and an AGM battery will last for 3 to 4 or 5 years. So, the more durable the battery is more money you will need.

When we talk about the durability of the battery it’s obvious to consider the maintenance also. Normal wet cell battery requires extra maintenance. You need to check the fluid acid of the battery regularly. And you have to use a battery box for using wet cell battery to keep the battery safe from the water.

But if you use an AGM battery you will not need regular maintenance.

These are all the factors that make a good marine battery for your trolling motor. When you buy trolling motor battery don’t mix the new batteries with the old group set. It will not be able to give the expected performance that the trolling motor needs. And don’t over drain your battery, so keep the battery up to charged use solar system in your boat.

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