Will My Car Unlock if the Battery Is Dead?

“Will my car unlock if the battery is dead? What Should I do in this situation?” This is a typical query among car owners.

When you have a dead car battery and the key fob is not working anymore, it is possible that you may get stuck. It depends on many significant factors whether your car will unlock or not if the battery is dead. Or there could be a systematic problem in the battery, which is why the battery may not work.

will my car unlock if the battery is dead

We have tried to provide solutions regarding this problem below.

Will My Car Unlock if the Battery Is Dead?

It is a deadcrap situation when your car is locked, you are outside, the battery is dead, and the key fob is not working. It is a rare but very possible situation. But what to do in this situation? How would you open the bonnet and charge the battery with your portable battery charger? A dead car battery creates numerous problems, especially when you are in the middle of the road. But you can solve the issue.

How to Unlock a Car When the Battery Is Dead?

So, when the battery is dead, you can unlock your car with a few simple steps. Here is how:

Method 1: Emergency Key in the Key Fob

Step 1: In the very first step, you need to check if your car has a manual locking system with a metal key or an automated system with a key fob. If you have a regular car key and a visible door lock, go ahead and open the car.

But if the car has a key fob and the door lock is hidden, then find them first. Flip out the hidden metal key from the key fob. Then look for the secret door lock on the car door. Often it remains hidden under the door handle. You may notice a lock symbol engrossed there. The hidden lock is mostly on the front door. If you do not know where it is hidden, it will be best to Google your car model and get the information. Or you can use the car manually if currently available.

Step 2: After finding out the hidden door lock, let’s move to the second step. You would notice a sharp angle on the key. Use it to raise the lock cover carefully. Now you would really have to be careful about this fragile hood. It can easily break if mistreated, and you won’t be able to close the lid afterward. Enter the key and open the lock.

Step 3: As you open the door, the alarm goes off. Turn it off with the key fob. Or you can manually close it. 

But what to do if you locked yourself out of the car, keeping the key inside? Then it would be a little difficult to open the hood and change the battery. Let’s find it below.

Method 2: Jump-start the Battery

In this method, you will require some tools to get access to the car, jump-starting the battery. If you have little knowledge about the car mechanism, maybe you will be able to follow this method. Otherwise, it is better to call for help.

You will need the following tools. You should always keep emergency repairing kits in the trunk for this type of situation.

  • Tools you will need
  • Jumper cables
  • A secondary battery
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: In the first step, you should find the starter of your car. It is the engine starter that helps the engine start to work. The starter may be at different places depending on the car model you have. If you do not know, look into the car’s manual or Google your car model and find out.

Step 2: In the second step, you will need another car battery to jump-start your car. The other car battery needs to be running while you do the process. Jumper cables have two ends. Plug one end with the other car battery. Take the other end and plug the red wire with the metal part of the screwdriver and the black wire to your battery’s ground source.

Now, take the screwdriver holding its rubber end safely (or put rubber gloves on), and connect the metal end with the starter solenoid of your car. You will notice a spark and instantly press the key fob to open the car lock.

These were two solutions for your locking problem with a dead battery.


1. How Many Years Do Car Batteries Last?

Battery longevity depends on many things. Car batteries can last from three to seven years depending on how often you use them, where you live, and some other factors. Some car batteries even last ten years. When you live in a cooler region, the temperature does not affect as much as the hot temperature area, and the battery life increases.

2. Will Dead Car Battery Make the Key Fob Not Work?

Can you start your car without a battery? A car key fob requires the least amount of battery power to operate. If the battery has even a little bit of power, the car fob will work. But when the battery is drained to its last bit, the key fob may not work anymore.

3. Can a Bad Battery Cause Door Lock Problems?

A dead car battery causes door lock problems. Nowadays, most cars come with a keyless entry system where a remote key is used. This key fob can not work without battery power. So, if the battery is fully dead, it can cause trouble entering the car.

4. Do I Have to Reprogram the Key Fob After Replacing the Battery?

Yes, you have to reprogram your car key fob after replacing its battery. If you do not reprogram the fob, the car’s internal computing system may not recognize it.


If your car locks because the battery is dead, you can unlock it. You can use the emergency key hidden in the key fob or call a mechanic if you can’t handle it that way. It is the best practice to keep your car under regular supervision. When you do that, the car will have a longer lifespan.

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